10 Augmented Reality Apps You’ll Feel Like You’re Living In The Future


Augmented Reality is a useful technology that is widely used in the world but is not common in our country. We have listed for you the best Augmented Reality applications that we can currently use on our own tablets and phones.

Although Augmented Reality technology has been in our lives for a long time, it is not a widely used technology. If used can make our life easierThe number of Augmented Reality applications that entertain and inform its users is increasing day by day. Augmented Reality (AR), which is often confused with Virtual Reality (VR), is a very different technology.

According to a recent report, 60% of consumers choose to shop in stores where they can experience AR. 40% try and shop products through Augmented Reality They are doing. AR, which is not very common in our country yet, will become a technology that we will see much more often in the future.

So what is Augmented Reality?

augmented reality

Augmented reality allows users to experience a real-world 3D visualization experience A technology that allows it to survive. This technology gives the virtual object the illusion of coexisting with them in the physical world.

Let’s say you are shopping for furniture for your home. However, you are worried about the size of the furniture you will buy, how it will look in the room, or the texture of the furniture. This is where Augmented Reality comes into play. By showing you the furniture as if you are in your room, thanks to the camera of your phone or tablet. 360 degree views offers.

Not just decoration, there are many AR applications developed for various purposes on the App Store and Google Play. While using you will feel like in the future Let’s take a look at Augmented Reality applications together.

10 Augmented Reality Apps You’ll Feel Like You’re Living In The Future

  • Houzz
  • IKEA Place
  • YouCam Makeup
  • BBC Civilizations AR
  • Just A Line
  • Planner Arcadia
  • Google Lens
  • Smash Tanks
  • inkhunter

Houzz using AR for home decoration


  • Developer: Houzz Inc.
  • Score: 4.6

Houzz is an augmented reality based application for those who want to see furniture and other household items in a virtual environment. This application interior design of your home It allows you to plan. Although used as a decoration app, Houzz also comes with an e-commerce store where you can buy items.

You can take it to any corner of your home. where you can view the item in 3D With this application, you can see things even in different lights.

You can download the application from the links below.

AR app from the furniture giant: IKEA Place

IKEA Place

  • Developer: Inter IKEA Systems BV
  • Score: 4.2

IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers. keeping up with today’s technologies case. It is not surprising to see the same performance from the application, while the brand itself is so well-known and high quality. Just like Houzz, IKEA Place allows users to see the items they will buy in their own homes. IKEA Place, which is a more advanced application according to Houzz, allows you to decorate based on the dimensions of your home.

Thanks to this application, you can see IKEA furniture in your home in 3D. different variations of the item and you can see the colors.

You can download the application from the links below.

YouCam Makeup for those who do not want to touch the makeup products in shopping malls

YouCam Makeup

  • Developer: Perfect Mobile Corp.
  • Score: 4.5

Although Augmented Reality applications are mostly applications that will help us and make our lives easier, they can also be used for entertainment. YouCam Makeup is one of the applications that uses the fun side of Augmented Reality. YouCan Makeup, which is basically a makeup application, help you choose the perfect makeup is happening.

Thanks to this application, which saves its users from using make-up products touched by thousands of people while shopping for make-up. How your makeup will look in natural light you can see.

You can download the application from the links below.

The best representative of Augmented Reality in the education sector: BBC Civilizations AR

BBC Civilizations AR

  • Developer: Media Applications Technologies for the BBC
  • Score: 3.8

One of the best uses of Augmented Reality is in the education sector. With the increase of such applications, AR technology will be in the future. a center in modern education may become.

With the BBC app, you can view works from past periods. Can pass through a pyramid with ARYou can see what a mummy looks like up close or witness historical conversations. You can also put many historical items in the application anywhere in your home and take pictures as if they were real.

You can download the application from the links below.

Turn your doodles into reality: Just A Line

Just A Line

  • Developer: Google Creative Lab
  • Score: 3.5

With the Just A Line application developed with Google’s Augmented Reality technology you can bring your drawings to real life. Just A Line, which was released as an Android application, was also released for iOS after the comments and ratings it received.

Imagination is all you need to create illustrations with Just A Line. You have drawn virtually can take photo of your doodles and you can also share it with your friends.

You can download the application from the links below.

  • Just a Line – Draw Anywhere, with AR

Planner Arcadia, where you can design your home from top to bottom

Planner Arcadia

  • Developer: Arcadia Design
  • Score: N/A

Just like Houzz and IKEA Place, Planner Arcadia is a home decoration app. You can virtually place the items of different brands in the library of the application in your home, see the textures of the items closely and choose whether they will suit your room.

The most important feature that distinguishes Planner Arcadia from other home decoration applications using Augmented Reality is the measurement feature. You can measure the length between two points by scanning your area with your camera, without the need for meters or laser rangefinders. In addition to the furniture, you can also see how a new door you will buy or a new window will look like in your home. The only native app on the list Planner Arcadia introduces the new generation decoration to users.

You can download the application from the links below.

Google Lens You Can Google With Camera

Google Lens

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Score: 4.5

One of the leading brands in Augmented Reality is Google. The Google Lens application identifies the contents inside the camera and presents information about them to the screen. When you show a flower that you see while crossing the road to the camera, this application offers many information such as the name of the flower to its users. the power of the computing cloud The latest update of the Google Goggles concept with Google using

You can download the application from the links below.

A mind-blowing AR game: Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands

  • Developer: kunabi brother GmbH
  • Score: 4.7

Of course, there are games that use Augmented Reality among such useful applications. After Pokemon Go, one of the best-known games in the Augmented Reality game category, many games have been released in this area. Euclidean Lands is one of them. The playing field is any place you want in this game that confuses the players and makes them think. With the help of your camera, you can play Euclidean Lands in a town square or at your dinner table.

You can download the application from the links below.

A game that will turn your hall into a battlefield: Smash Tanks

Smash Tanks

  • Developer: DUMPLING design
  • Score: 3.6

Another AR game on the list, Smash Tanks is an action game where you drive your troops to the battlefield to destroy enemies. This game where you command your tanks with cartoon-like images, your desk into a battlefield can transform.

You can play this game alone or with a simple physics engine. as a multiplayer you can play. Unlike other AR-based games, Smash Tanks is a more successful game indoors rather than outdoors.

You can download the application from the links below.

Inkhunter where you can choose your tattoo without getting a permanent tattoo


  • Developer: INKHUNTER, Inc.
  • Score: 4.6

Inkhunter, an application similar to YouCam Makeup, tells you before you get a permanent tattoo. how the tattoo will look on your body An application that shows you in advance. One of the best Augmented Reality apps to preview what a tattoo might look like on your skin, Inkhunter is also pretty simple to use. to the app can upload your own design or a tattoo that you think would be suitable for you You can choose from the application’s library.

You can download the application from the links below.

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