15 Steps To Increase Followers On Instagram

There are some important tips you can use to increase your follower count on the Instagram social media platform owned by Facebook. Thanks to these recommendations, you can increase followers on Instagram and catch the number of followers in your dreams without using different methods such as Instagram bots.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, has more than 1 billion active users worldwide today. With such a large audience, everyone wants to promote their company, themselves or their work on Instagram. increase followers on instagram Here are some key tactics described by marketing expert Neil Patel. Thanks to these tactics increase followers on instagram You can do.

To increase followers on Instagram First of all, you need to know what to do, to whom to address and to determine the most accurate target for yourself. Afterwards, as with every social media platform, you should try to get to know the private world of Instagram. increase followers on instagram We have told you 15 important tips that will be an earring for you so that you don’t need different ways such as throwing a bot, cheating, buying followers.

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How to increase followers on Instagram step by step:

  • Step #1: Determine the purpose of your profile
  • Step #2: Create a strategy for your content
  • Step #3: Optimize your profile for maximum engagement
  • Step #4: Share impressive images
  • Step #5: Add catchy text
  • Step #6: Add pinpoint hashtags
  • Step #7: Create a custom sharing plan
  • Step #8: Follow users you might be interested in
  • Step #9: Follow 50 users per hour
  • Step #10: Interact with other users
  • Step #11: Cross-promote with similar users
  • Step #12: Make sweepstakes
  • Step #13: Advertise on Instagram
  • Step #14: Invite people to your online world
  • Step #15: Analyze the results of the steps you take

Step #1: Determine the purpose of your profile:

instagram business

  • Tell your brand (it could be you) story.
  • If you are going to manage a product-oriented account;
    • Constantly remind people that you have products they can have in real life.
    • Capture audience engagement.
    • Promote your new products.
    • Describe your special advantages.
    • Create excitement for each of your products.

If you don’t just offer content to your users, they offer products that they can buy in real life. if you represent a brand You should also focus on the marketing aspect of the business. In order to direct your followers to your products, you should set a marketing goal in accordance with the above steps.

Step #2: Create a strategy for your content:


The posts you make on your Instagram account are content, and the whole created by these content is a context. Your content strategy will create that context. Posts with human faces 38% more likes Text-based content is not read if it is too long, content created with user interaction increases followers by 300%. You should build your strategy on these foundations.

Step #3: Optimize your profile for maximum engagement:


  • If you are a brand, your website for users,
  • A sales page where they can buy your products,
  • Your phone number and e-mail address so that they can be contacted

You should add such details to your profile. It is not enough to only get comments, likes and follow interactions on your Instagram page. in the full sense, for maximum interaction Such details are indispensable account information. It is extremely important for your profile photo to be an image that fully describes you, for healthy interaction and trust in the account.

Step #4: Share compelling images:

instagram theme

  • Avoid repetitive posts.
  • Create a unique layout for your profile.
  • Create your content with a custom color tone.
  • You can also use an eye-catching filter instead of a tint.
  • Identify a signature in your content that makes you who you are. For example, a special pose.
  • Set a location or hashtag specific to your profile and use it in every content.

Instagram is a social media platform based on visuality. Therefore, first of all, your images are for users. It has to be attractive. In order to strengthen the context created by your content, you should determine a special theme for yourself, for this you should consider the above points.

Step #5: Add catchy text:


  • Write the most important narrative first.
  • Add attention-grabbing emojis.
  • Make it easy to read by leaving spaces.
  • Keep the texts as short as possible.
  • Use action-oriented, goal-directed sentences.
  • Motivate users to like and share content.

In the description part of the content you share, you can enter a text of 2200 characters that will feed the image you shared, but no Instagram user It will not read a text of 2200 characters. For this reason, you should pay attention to the above points while preparing the articles in the content descriptions.

Step #6: Add pinpoint hashtags:


  • Location
  • Life style
  • Brand
  • Product
  • Community
  • a special competition
  • Offer
  • Activity
  • content subject

Hashtags are your most important weapon, with which you can ensure that your content is discovered in the billions of shares on Instagram. Therefore, in a Not less than 5, not more than 30 Be careful to use hashtags. In this regard, you can examine other users that you see as competitors or who share similar posts to you. You can keep the above points in the foreground when choosing hashtags.

Step #7: Create a custom sharing plan:

sharing plan

  • You should share 1 or 2 content per day.
  • You should share between 5 and 30 stories a day.
  • You should broadcast live once a day, even if it is short.

By preparing a specific sharing plan, you should ensure that your users get used to and trust your content. Brand, person or product oriented different plans can be applied in the accounts, but in general you can apply the basic plan above.

Of course, it’s the most general Instagram sharing scheme described here. Like surveys, questions and answers in your stories different interactions You can increase the number or frequency of content, and you can edit the number of live broadcasts once a week or every two days according to your profile purpose.

Step #8: Follow users you might be interested in:

follow button

  • Find the account with the highest followers in your domain.
  • Check out your followers.
  • Follow the accounts that you think will be interested in your account.
  • Wait for the responses.

Follow-up method that you can apply for free follower increase on Instagram the most successful is one of the methods. It will allow you to be discovered by users who are interested in your field among millions of users.

Step #9: Follow 50 users per hour:

instagram followers

There is a limit that you need to pay attention to when increasing followers on Instagram with the follow-to-follow method. According to this limit set by Instagram; a user can follow up to 50 users in 1 hour. Even if this seems like a limitation, you can ensure that hundreds of users who will be interested in you discover and follow you in a week with a 50 account follow-up strategy per hour.

Step #10: Interact with other users:


  • Follow anyone who follows you, except for spam accounts.
  • Reply to the person who commented on your post with their username using @.
  • Like and comment on content with the hashtag you’re interested in.
  • Like comments on the content.
  • Send private messages to interested users.
  • Tag other users in your content.
  • Invite users to contact you in content descriptions.

Instagram is the online socializing space and that is why it has so many users. Users with accounts they follow from interacting unilaterally. they can get bored. Therefore, you should also be active and interact with your followers by paying attention to the above points.

Step #11: Cross-promote with similar users:

cross promotion

  • Do your research to choose the right partner.
  • Identify cross-promotion content with your partner.
  • Have clear rules about promotion.
  • Make the most of the promotion.

You introduce each other with users who share similar posts with your Instagram account or appeal to a similar target audience. cross-advertise It is one of the most successful methods you will apply to increase followers. Make sure you set the right purpose, strategy, and content for cross-promotion.

Step #12: Make sweepstakes:

instagram raffle

  • Your users to participate in the draw;
    • Must follow your account.
    • Must like to share.
    • It should comment on the content.
    • He should share the content on his own account.
    • It should spread the content to more people.
  • What you need to do to announce the draw;
    • Create a viral hashtag.
    • Share on all social media platforms.
    • Publish it on your website.
    • Announce it in your e-mail newsletter.
    • Advertise on giveaway content.

You can make a successful Instagram giveaway by following the steps above. For the prize you will give as a result of the draw making a deal with a sponsor, It will make the raffle and your Instagram account heard by much more people.

Step #13: Advertise on Instagram:


  • Determine your advertising budget.
  • Choose your target audience.
  • Set the ad duration.
  • Determine the space of the ad (story, post).
  • Create ad content.
  • Create a fallback target.

With an Instagram ad that you create by paying attention to the above points, at very reasonable prices, target audience of your choice. It is possible to promote your Instagram account and increase followers. Before preparing high budgets, you can create trial ads with smaller numbers.

Step #14: Invite people to your online world:

nike, instagram

  • Add your Instagram address to your product package.
  • Create a custom hashtag for your brand.
  • Encourage users to share your products.
  • Share other users’ content about your products in your own account.
  • Make special campaigns for users who follow your Instagram account.

Many brands have a hard time attracting their customers to their online world. However, Instagram users that more than half of them follow the brands they love known. That’s why you should invite people to join your online world with methods similar to the steps above.

Step #15: Analyze the results of the steps you have taken:

instagram analysis

  • click rate
  • site traffic
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Hashtag spread

All of these statistics show the success you have achieved or not as a result of the steps you have taken. If you can’t take firm steps towards the growth you aim for a different strategy you should watch. You cannot go a different route by taking the same steps. Therefore, you should analyze the results well.

Instagram follower increase trick, bots harmful?

instagram followers increase trick

Transactions such as buying Instagram followers are completely against Instagram rules. Even if it is not harmful to your account it will be of no use and bot followers purchased over time will disappear. You can learn all the details about the subject here.

For you To increase followers on Instagram We have explained the 15 important steps you need to follow and explained the points you need to pay attention to. With different content, the right purpose, a successful strategy and a little patience, you can reach the number of Instagram followers you are targeting.

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