5 Free Chrome Extensions That Save Users Time To Increase Productivity


With some productive Chrome extensions, it is possible for users to do many things quickly. Chrome extensions enable faster reading, annotating websites, and more.

Most people have limited time to get things done. At this point, some time-saving tactics come into play. In this way, it is aimed to complete the work efficiently in a short time. In this direction Microsoft Edge There are also Chrome extensions that work on Chrome-based browsers, such as In particular, the 5 Chrome extensions we have included in this article provide serious benefits to users.

5 Free Chrome Extensions That Save Users Time To Increase




SwiftRead It allows you to read a text faster.
Note Board It is useful for adding notes to websites.
Checker Plus It is ideal for those who want to reach Gmail easily at any time.
Tab Snooze It is the extension used to access the tabs later.
Vimium C It allows to navigate only with the keyboard, without the mouse.

Increase your reading speed with SwiftRead

SwiftRead basically aims to suppress the brain’s effort to read every single word. Bringing the sentences in a fixed line, in order, and various focus letters he chooses. Thus, it becomes possible to read the book you want to read much faster.

To some users, this method may seem a little crazy, but it really works. Focusing on capturing each piece individually is tiring and time consuming for the brain. However, SwiftRead provides much cleaner and faster assimilation of text. If you want to speed up your reading, give the SwiftRead extension a try.

The SwiftRead extension for reading web-based articles is free. There’s also a pro version of the extension for reading PDFs, Kindle books, and more.

Annotate websites with Note Board

There are many websites that users want to annotate. However, when you consider the diversity of the website, it is obvious that this will take a lot of time. With the Note Board extension, you can access websites. notes on any topic It is possible for you to leave. In addition, the extension offers the opportunity to create real content such as images and screenshots. All of this takes place on virtual bulletin boards. There is also the ability to move items around later, add annotations and share with others.

Note Board, up to seven boards and 50MB of storage allows. It also has a completely free, ad-supported version. There is also an upgrade version with unlimited boards, more storage, Kanban boards and additional features. This upgrade of the Note Board extension costs $36 per year.

Easily access Gmail with Checker Plus

For users who keep Gmail open in one tab all day, Checker Plus is the perfect extension. Checker Plus for Gmail extension allows you to access mails without closing the browser. With the extension, you can easily access your inbox without reopening the browser or Gmail.

In addition, Checker Plus offers the ability to read, reply to and compose new messages one by one. This extension provides a lot of convenience for users who spend time sending e-mails.

The extension is completely free.

Tab snooze possible with Tab Snooze

When you want to access your open tabs again later, the Tab Snooze extension will help you. Tab Snooze, collects everything open in one tab. It then automatically respawns for you at any time.

The completely free version of the extension limits the number of tabs you can snooze and snooze tabs on at the same time. But the Pro version, which costs $3 per month, has unlimited delays. Also, the Pro version offers the ability to snooze tab groups and more.

Put an end to mouse frustrations with the Vimium C extension

Users who specialize in keyboard shortcuts say that using a mouse slows them down. The Vimium C extension provides many conveniences at this point. In your entire web browser, including page elements just navigating with the keyboard possible. For this, you first need to download the basic hotkeys. Then it becomes possible to link multiple keymaps together. You will even have the opportunity to synchronize your settings between multiple computers.

Vimium C is a free and open source extension. For this reason, it allows you to easily access everything you need for keyboard navigation.

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