5 Suggestions for Your Instagram Posts to Engage in Discover More Often

Discovering on Instagram, the world’s most popular social media platform, is a great success to promote yourself and your brand, but it’s not something you can do. So how can you achieve this? Let’s go step by step and take a closer look at what is Instagram discover, how its algorithm works, and let’s see some of the suggestions for Instagram discover.

Instagram, which has close to two billion active users in the world today, is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. For this reason, it is extremely important that you or your brand’s profile be recognized on the platform. As we all know this The first step to being recognized is to discover Instagram. So what do you need to do to fall into Instagram discovery?

First of all, you should know that the Instagram discover algorithm works separately for each user, even with a similar system. In other words, each user’s discover page is unique to him. For this reason, the purpose of a profile that wants to be discovered on Instagram is not to be visible to everyone, but to be visible to its target audience. Let’s get down to the basics and What is Instagram discover, how does its algorithm work Let’s take a closer look and see some of the suggestions for Instagram discovery.

Let’s start with the basics, what is Instagram Explore?

When you open the search page in the Instagram mobile application, you will see posts shared by accounts you do not follow, This is the Instagram explore page. You discover accounts that you do not follow on the Instagram explore page. Most of the time, the posts and reals videos on this page are selected according to your interests, but the main determining factor is the Instagram algorithm.

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How does the Instagram algorithm work?

According to the statement made on the About page of Instagram, the platform uses an algorithm, but does not use a single algorithm. There are many algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with a different purpose. The purpose of all this is to make the time spent by the Instagram user on the platform the most enjoyable.

Again, according to Instagram’s statement, this process progressed step by step. In 2010, the posts were progressing in chronological order. In 2016, users without seeing 70 percent of posts was coming off the platform. That’s why Instagram engineers have created algorithms to optimize your homepage feed, discover page, and Reels page.

This algorithm is used to determine when the said share is shared, where it is shared, your frequency of likes, visual texts, video lengths, sender, user activities, and the user’s interaction with the posting account.

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The Discover page is a little different: How does the Instagram Discover algorithm work?

Since the Instagram explore page works with a slightly different algorithm than the main page feed and the story feed, it is useful to open a special topic. Instagram discover algorithm the first data you have is the accounts you follow, Posts you like and comments you make. From this first data, the algorithm begins to extend deep like the root of a tree.

For example, you like the X account and you like every post. algorithm, It finds the followers of the X account and the accounts that they follow fondly. Let’s say these users follow the Y account in the same way, the posts of the Y account start to appear on your discover page immediately. A similar system works for posting issues.

In other words, the first and most basic purpose of the Instagram discover algorithm is to present the posts you will interact with. Then this algorithm measures your discover performance. Impressed by the thumbnails, which posts you opened, which ones you liked, which ones you spent time on, it continues to offer similar ones by measuring all these. To summarize, the Instagram discover algorithm is like a mirror, it returns whatever you do to you.

So what shall we do? Here are Instagram Discovery suggestions:

  • The first and most basic rule is to share interesting posts.
  • Get inspired by other posts that fell into explore.
  • Make your posts at the right time.
  • Try different sharing types.
  • Feel free to advertise at affordable prices.

discover instagram

The first and most basic rule is to share interesting posts:

Algorithm, classification, process etc., but never miss the point; interesting posts. You must set a theme for your own or your brand’s Instagram account, so that your subject scope is certain. Within this scope, share different posts than users have seen hundreds of times that day.

The first feature of interesting sharing is that it stands out. Your share, which is seen with thousands of posts, will first catch the eye and the user will spend time on it Instagram will also find that it is worth exploring. Of course, nobody likes an interesting but hollow post. For this reason, do not forget to offer different things to the user after they stand out.

Get inspired by other posts to explore:

Even if each user’s Instagram discover page is specific to him, there are some common points in the posts you come across on this page in general. Instagram has a profile that wants to be discovered You need to discover these common points. In particular, you need to sit down and examine accounts that have a similar theme or deal with similar topics as an assignment.

Of course, do not take the shares of an account with millions of popular users and imitate it exactly. but let’s see what this account does? After all, some of these accounts are managed by editors who have devoted years to this work. You should prepare new content by avoiding imitation but keeping inspiration in the foreground.

Make your shares at the right time:

I lost my sleep I shared, I shared a few stories in my spare time or If you say you shared fifty stories at once Let’s be frank, it’s hard to be a popular account, let alone Instagram discovery. Because one of the most important points of social media management is time planning.

Depending on your target audience, there is a certain time frame in which your posts or stories will reach the user. Do this already If you examine your Instagram statistics, you will see it. If even your own followers are seeing it at certain times, why would it be seen in the discovery at inopportune times? Choosing the right sharing time is critical for Instagram discovery.

discover instagram

Try different sharing types:

OK, your page has a topic and a theme you choose to share this topic in the most correct way. so you’re not going to share dance videos but Sharing a photo post all the time does not make you popular. Expand your share types a bit. Why not a Reels with nice music playing in the background?

We did not give the example of Reels for nothing, because Instagram has developed this new platform to rival the TikTok platform. especially recently keeps it in the foreground. But beware, we are saying lately. In other words, the types of sharing that are popular on the platform vary. For this reason, you should follow current developments and discover popular sharing types.

Feel free to advertise at affordable prices:

Thanks to Instagram ads, you can find yourself on the homepage, discovery or Reels stream of relevant users. However Our topic is to explore Instagram, where did the ad come from? In fact, these are all interrelated issues. The difference between a post getting in front of a thousand people organically and getting in front of ten thousand people with ads also affects the discovery page.

Instagram ads are quite affordable compared to many platforms. After you place an ad within your own budget and after increasing your engagement rate Be sure, your rate of falling on the Instagram explore page will increase as well. Because remember, interaction attracts interaction.

By answering questions such as what is discover on Instagram, the world’s most popular social media platform, and how does its algorithm work? One of the suggestions you can apply to discover Instagram we talked about. You can share your thoughts about the Instagram explore page in the comments.


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