8 Tips and Tips to Become an Adobe Illustrator Master


If you are a fresh and inexperienced illustrator using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator can be a little overwhelming at first and discourage you. If you are suffering from the same problem, this article, which we have compiled for you and explained step by step Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks that will speed up and facilitate your getting used to Adobe Illustrator, may sound like a medicine to you.

behold Adobe IllustratorYou open . . you are eager to design something, but things don’t go the way you want and you lose your mood… Sound familiar? If your answer is a big “Yeah!”, you are in the right place; because we have your medicine.

Starting to design, especially if you don’t know the tricks of the job, can be a bit of a challenge at first, and it can even upset you quite a bit. There are small details that can make a design good or bad, and we can say the same is true for Adobe Illustrator; But don’t let that intimidate you. Remember that everything has a solution.

webtechno In this article, we Illustrator 2021We’re going to talk about some tips and tricks that will make it incredibly easy for you to use . If you apply what we say carefully—and with some practice—we’re sure you’ll make better use of Adobe Illustrator and improve your design skills.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

A design made with Adobe illustrator

Photoshop one of Adobe’s most popular software, along with Adobe Illustrator; It is vector-based software designed for those who want to create vector-based works. Thanks to Illustrator icons, logos or illustrations clear on any device SVG you can create files; You can even animate them.

Why should you use Illustrator?

He doesn’t want to depend on others when creating icons and illustrations, “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a website where I can create and display my own works? Moreover, I wouldn’t even have to worry about the license, if you think, Illustrator is for you and your work will be much easier thanks to the tricks of using Illustrator that we will give you in the rest of our article. You can count on us.

Tip 1#: First of all draw
Tip 2#: Take online courses
Tip #3: Shading and highlighting
Tip 4#: use the right colors
Tip 5#: Don’t worry too much
Tip 6#: Use shape builder tool
Tip 7#: Get used to using the pen
Tip 8#: Calculate

First of all draw

A drawing made with Illustrator

Click and drag, put a circle here and a rectangle there. It didn’t turn out the way you imagined, did it? This may help you understand how Illustrator works, but unfortunately it is not possible to come up with better designs this way.

It’s a mistake most designers make at the beginning to get too enthusiastic and attempt illustration directly; however, we can say that if you start in this way, you will not go very far. The solution is very simple: Before you start creating your icons and illustrations, make a sketch by drawing.

Instead of diving headlong into the design, you will see that things change very quickly in your favor when you first scribble something with your mouse, create a sketch, and then start creating the shapes with Illustrator.

The most important point to consider when drawing is choosing the right brush. Rather than starting with a bold, black line a thin, light-colored brush Using it will make your job much easier.

Take online courses

A drawing made with Adobe Illustrator

You can consult books or forums to find answers to your questions; but none of these as effective as the course will not. A course that will allow you to better understand Illustrator and create better works can work miracles. If you are going to take a solo course, we have a little advice: it will allow you to master Adobe Illustrator before taking a course focused on improving your illustration skills. A course focused on Adobe IllustratorIt would be best for you to join.

Shading and Highlighting

The difference between shading and highlighting in design

If the question is what distinguishes a good illustration from a simple one, the answer is no doubt. “Shading and Highlighting” should be. This process is extremely simple; All you have to do is choose the base color you use in your design. two darker and one lighter Using color to give shadow and emphasis where needed. So how do you find the right colors? Let’s move on to the next step.

use the right colors

A colorful design made with Adobe Illustrator

The use of color can elevate your design too high or cause it to crash hard. With Illustrator, you can not only find the right colors for your design without the need to use another site or a third party tool, but you can also choose from different harmony rules depending on what you want to create. How Does? That’s it:

First open Illustrator and ‘Window’ Click (Window).

Adobe Illustrator Window

You will see a tool like the following:

Adobe Illustrator harmony rule window

If you choose the main color and harmony rule you want from here, Illustrator will take care of the rest for you. Pretty good, right?

So how do I know which fit rule to choose?

There are many different compliance rules to choose from. Complementary, Split complementary, Analog, Triadic and Monochromatic You can choose from the options; however Complementary colors to startChoosing i would be the healthiest.

Don’t worry too much

A design made with Adobe Illustrator

What we have to say now may be important to the creation and design process; however, it also applies to many aspects of life: Don’t beat yourself up by overthinking things!

Overthinking causes stress and slows you down, preventing you from being creative and producing your artworks quickly; So you will see more harm than good. Let’s explain with an example:

Let’s say you made a design and at first you are quite happy with the result; but instead of saving and closing the Adobe Illustrator file, you started thinking about the colors, shapes, and everything else you used in your design. The design that you liked a little while ago will now seem incomplete and developable.

This is an example of overthinking. If you do this, you’ll get confused, you won’t be able to see clearly, and so you can ruin a design that’s actually very good. The only advice we can give you for such situations is; switch to a new Illustrator file without tiring your mind or go for a relaxing walk outside. The next day, when you open the design you are not satisfied with and look at it, you will see how beautiful it is. If you are still not satisfied, at least now you can handle the situation with a calmer mind.

Use shape builder tool

Shapes and designs made with Adobe Illustrator

After completing the drawing phase, it’s time to create a shape. You basically have two options for creating things in Illustrator: Either you use the pen and draw the lines orYou use shapes and create something you want.. Or you can use both methods together, your taste knows.

We are not saying that one method is definitely better than the other; but if you have trouble using a mouse or tablet, shape creation tool Using it will make your job much easier. How Does? Like this:

Let’s say you want to create a cloud. Of course you can also select the brush and draw lines until you get a cloud shape; but this may take some time. Instead of doing this, wouldn’t it be much easier to create 4 circles and a rectangle with the shape creator and then put them together? Exactly like this:

A cloud made using shapes

Get used to using the pen

An illustrator drawing on a tablet

There is something that every designer must do: Recreating shapes.

In fact, this is what illustrators do; changing and recreating the surrounding shapes. When they look at a circle, they see much more than just a simple circle, their brains are programmed to give new meaning to that shape, and many illustrators have done this since childhood.

You will need to use the pen most of the time for this. Since you will need it very often, it will be in your best interest to get used to using the pen as soon as possible.

The pen, with which you can create lines and shapes by clicking and dragging, is actually a very simple tool. The best way to get used to using the pen do a lot of practice. Going through photos with a pen can be a good start. Select a photo you want to draw, put it on a separate layer and start going over the shapes in the photo; Over time, you will notice that your hand gets used to it.


Adobe Illustrator

Most Illustrator users don’t know this; however, Illustrator, where you can create powerful designs, is for you. calculation He is a math genius who can do it too.

Let’s say you have created a 229px rectangle and you have this rectangle half the size you want to create one more rectangle. There is no need to open a separate calculator on your device; because it will be enough to write 229/2 in the height input box. Illustrator takes care of everything else and creates a rectangle half the size of that rectangle.

Calculate size with Adobe Illustrator

Calculate size with Adobe Illustrator

We have come to the end of our article on tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to use Adobe Illustrator. Remember that no matter what, designing is a personal process and you are the only factor that determines how this process will proceed. As long as you trust your talent and imagination, everything will work out. Glad we’ve been of some help to you in this process.

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