9 Excel Formulas That Will Help You Greatly at Work or School

Microsoft Excel, one of the world’s leading spreadsheets, is considered by many to be confusing to understand and use, but there are some formulas that make this challenge easier. We have listed these 9 formulas for you.

more than 450 functional Microsoft Excel; It has managed to become the most widely used spreadsheet application in the world and in our country. However, its use is still seen as incomprehensible or confusing by many people. In fact, this number is so high that there are many courses for those who want to learn how to use Excel.

Using Excel, which has an important place in both daily and business life, thanks to its calculation, pivot tables and charting tools. much easier We found 9 formulas and listed them for you.

Microsoft Excel Formulas:

Excel formulas

  • Converting Texts to Columns
  • Merge Columns
  • Typing the Letters in a Cell as Lowercase and Uppercase
  • Counting Numeric Values
  • Logical Addition and Result Printing
  • Counting by Condition
  • Conditional formatting
  • Averaging
  • Shortcuts That Will Help You When Using Excel

Converting text to columns

Converting Texts to Columns

  • Step #1: Select the column with the data or values.
  • Step #2: Then, on the Data tab, click on the Data Tools group.
  • Step #3: Finally, clicking the Convert Text to Columns option will complete the process.

In Excel program texts are left justified, numeric values if lean right they are written. Data may not always appear individually, which may result in all of them being perceived as text. To prevent this and to see the data properly, you can put the text in columns. practical and very easy you can convert it somehow.

Merge columns

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  • Step #1: First add a column next to the data you want to merge.
  • Step #2: Then type = and select the first cell you want to merge.
  • Step #3: Finally, select the other cell you want to merge and press enter. The formula =A2&” “&B2 can be given as an example for this.

One of the simple functions of Excel is that you can combine the cells you want into columns. Using this join formula two or more you can put the column together without data loss.

Write letters in a cell in lowercase or uppercase

Lower/Capital letters

  • Step #1: When you select the cell you want to write in lowercase with the =LOWER() formula and specify it in parentheses, all of them will be written in lowercase.
  • Step #2: If you want to capitalize the letters in the cell, it will suffice to use the =UPPER() formula.

Sometimes our data in Excel program or small or with a capital letter We may need to write For each cell thanks to Excel’s feature without one by one You can easily handle this process in 1-2 steps.

Counting numeric values

Counting numeric values

  • Step #1: After pressing the input icon, the place where you will write the formulas is shown in red in the photo above.
  • Step #2: When you write the =COUNT() formula in that part, and specify the numerical values ​​in which cells you want to know, specify them in parentheses, your process will be completed.

To count logical, error values ​​and texts =COUNT() you can use the formula. It also contains numbers number of cells and it helps you count numbers in some variables list.

Logical aggregation and result printing

Logical Addition and Result Printing

  • Step #1: Select all the cells to sum and write the =SUM() function.
  • Step #2: The =IF function is used to print a logical result.

Microsoft Excel The automatic addition of cells in the program is possible with the formula we wrote above. All math operations It is a highly preferred program because you have a system that can be done easily. In this way, your business in a short time You do it and you save time.

if function Printing logical results, known as logical results, is one of the most common features of Excel. If function; between two values logical comparisons allows you to do.

Count by condition

Count by condition

  • Step #1: Click the Login tab.
  • Step #2: In the blank where the functions are written, write the formula =COUNTIF and press the Enter key.

When you write this formula; to you, contingent will give the number of all cells. For example; If you want to know who passed and who failed in a class, put both in parentheses. cell range write and passed when you type the word the number of students passing It will help you learn. Such calculations will take a few minutes thanks to Excel.

Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting

  • Step #1: Click the Login tab.
  • Step #2: Click on the conditional formatting function in the Styles group.

One of the most used features of Excel. conditional formatting You can reorganize and colorize your spreadsheets thanks to have to deal You are not, because conditional formatting itself does this task.

Color scales and data bars With this feature, you can make your highlights clear by coloring the backgrounds of the cells.



  • Step #1: Click on the login menu.
  • Step #2: Type the =AVERAGE() formula in the space where we write the functions and press the enter key.

One of the calculations you make in Excel is take the average it could be. For this, which is a very easy way; averaging formula If you use it, Excel will present the average you want in a few seconds for you.

In addition, with the mean function, the central tendency three different sizes measures. These are; mean, median and mode.

Shortcuts to use when using Excel


  • F4 You can repeat the last edit with the key. If you want to repeat something, this shortcut will save you time.
  • ALT + Enter You can start a new line in the same cell with the shortcut. If you need to put a lot of data in a cell, this shortcut will make your job easier.
  • CTRL + ` keys help you view formulas. You can use this shortcut to look up a cell’s formula and values.
  • CTRL + I With the shortcut, you can use your text to remove italics and italics quickly and practically.
  • CTRL + Shift + ; You can process the time of the data you entered in your table with the keys. If you have trouble remembering when you processed data, this shortcut is for you!

Excel program its place in our lives. It is very important for us to learn how it is used, as it is an element that is also considered in most business purchases.

That’s why we use Excel for you. 9 formulas that make it super easy We put it together and listed it. We hope it was an enjoyable and useful read. If you like this and similar content, all you have to do is follow Webtekno.

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