A Critical Vulnerability Has Been Detected in Winrar’s Alternative 7-Zip: Moreover, By A Turk (Yes By)

A vulnerability has been discovered in the popular computer program 7-Zip. The vulnerability was exposed by a Turkish Github user.

Like WinZip and WinRAR, which allow us to compress files and extract them as needed to save storage space. file archiving tools has been used for decades. One of the most widely used of these tools is that it became popular in a short time after its release due to its support of various zip formats. 7-Zip stands out as.

Now a man named kagancapar Turkish Github user has a Windows version of 7-Zip security bug reportedly detected. It is stated that this vulnerability, which allows unauthorized privilege escalation and command execution, could allow someone with limited access to your computer to gain administrative access and run various commands and applications.

Vulnerability in 7-Zip was discovered by a Turkish Github user


It is stated that malicious people can exploit this vulnerability by adding a hidden file with the 7-Zip (.7z) extension to the ‘Contents’ section of the 7-Zip user interface’s ‘Help’ section. In addition, the vulnerability in question was found in the file archiving tool. using the help file being recorded.

Fortunately, this allows the attacker to attack your computer instead of enabling an attack over a network. to local access Seems to require it. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the vulnerability in question is a notable flaw in a very popular computer application.


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On the other hand, Github user who discovered the vulnerability proposes two solutions to fix this vulnerability. The first method is to download 7-zip.chm to delete while the second way is that 7-Zip is only available for all users of the computer. read and run permissions is stated to have.

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