A New Tool Has Been Developed That Allows Differentiating Fake and Real Photos

Truepic has developed a tool where you can follow a photo until the moment it is taken, during the time when fake and real mixed together. The tool stores every change made to the photo as metadata on the photo.

Today, it has become very difficult to distinguish between real and fake images with the developing technology and artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence has been used to solve this problem. A tool that can distinguish between real and fake images, especially after the forgeries made with people who do not exist in reality are on the agenda. recently made available.

Available as a developer kit (SDK) Truepic Lens The kit is a tool for the development of applications that can be used both individually and institutionally. The tool authenticates all metadata of a captured photo, namely the date, time, location, and device information of the photo, and cryptographically signs it.

Photo edits can be viewed down to the source of the photo:


Developed by Truepic, the tool records the authenticity of the photo by verifying the background photo as soon as it is taken. Afterwards, this photo is saved and the edits made on the photo are saved directly to the metadata of the photo. For example, if we play with the color settings of a photo taken with this kit in Photoshop, These adjustments can be seen in the photo information.. This information can be seen with the photo on every platform where the photo is shared.


All the edits made on the photo can be seen on Truepic up to the root as above. on the other hand From devices/applications without C2PA standard Edits made cannot be saved. In this case, a warning is displayed when checking the photo, because metadata cannot be saved.


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The tool in question has the potential to be used wherever there is a camera. Truepic CEO Jeffrey McGregor said in a statement on this subject that they do not want to sell their vehicles directly to Android or Apple, they want the system to be universal explained.

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