A ‘Surprise Egg’ Has Been Discovered In Windows 11 You’ll Be Addicted Once You Try It

A strange bug or a surprise egg has been discovered in Windows 11. Some users find themselves in an endless loop when they click on the gear icon “Settings” in applications such as Notepad and Task Manager.

US-based technology giant Microsoft’s recently released new operating system Windows 11 continues to work. While the company carries out performance-oriented studies, it also to improve the visual it’s working. In this context; animationscustomized themes and other visual work were already among the highlights of Windows 11.

Now some users are running a Windows 11 surprise egg they discovered. So much so that the “Settings” button, which has a gear icon in some applications, does not work as it should. Maybe that’s exactly what Microsoft wants, but we don’t know. Some users click the button in applications such as Notepad and Task Manager. button turns but they see that it doesn’t work. It is unknown whether this is a bug or indeed an animation with no function.

This is what Windows 11’s addictive surprise egg looks like

As you can see above, when you touch the gear wheel, you feel in an endless loop you find. Some users are stunned by this situation. There are even those who open Notepad and say that they just turned this wheel and spent hours. Others, citing the dysfunction of animation, think that this is a mistake.

As a matter of fact, whether this is a mistake or a surprise egg, Microsoft’s Animations in Windows 11 A clear indication of how much you care. However, the main issue here is that the innovations are not available to all users. When we click the Settings button in the Notepad, we are directed to a page where we can select the theme and text options. So how are things with you?


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