A Vulnerability Found That Puts All Google Chrome Users In Danger! Browser Needs to Update Immediately


A new zero-day vulnerability has been detected in Google Chrome. The developers, who took action, closed the vulnerability with a new update. Users need to update the browser without wasting time.

Google Chrome is the most used internet browser in the world. zero day vulnerability was declared detected. In the statements made by Google, a new patch is available for the patch that allows closing the vulnerability in question. update posted expressed. If you are using Google Chrome, you should update the Windows version of the internet browser immediately.

Google hackers so as not to tip chose to hide details about the vulnerability. However, Jan Vojtesek, one of the Avast engineers who examined the zero-day vulnerability, said that this vulnerability could cause programs to crash and cause damage to the target computer. random code execution announced that it can provide In summary; all Google Chrome users are at serious risk.

How to update Google Chrome?

Google Chrome

  • Step #1: Google Chrome open.
  • Step #2:HelpClick “.
  • Step #3: About Google ChromeClick “.
  • Step #4: Automatically downloading the update wait.
  • Step #5: your browser reboot.

As a matter of fact, Google Chrome automatically runs every time it’s run. doing an update check. If a new update is available, the update is automatically installed. However, for your peace of mind, do the above steps. strongly recommended we do.


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If the version of Google Chrome “103.0.5060.114If it shows as “, there’s nothing left for you to do. Because Google developers have closed the critical security hole in version 103.0.5060.114. you have to be much more careful. Unconscious users may prefer to use alternative software until the browser is updated.

Source : https://www.techradar.com/news/google-chrome-users-told-to-update-immediately-or-risk-attack

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