Aaaaa Ki Ki Ki Ki… TeamSpeak vs Discord: Which Is Better?


TeamSpeak and Discord are the two most popular game-based voice communication programs today. Both programs have their own distinctive features. So, TeamSpeak or Discord: Which is better? Here’s TeamSpeak vs. all its pros and cons. Discord comparison.

We live in the age of technology and communicate over the internet one of the necessities of the age. However, finding a way to talk to multiple people at the same time over the internet can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you are going to gather with a few friends to play games or chat together, you may need an easy-to-use but effective software.

At this point, there are two main programs you can use for virtual group chats: TeamSpeak and Discord. Both programs are game-oriented and are among the most popular digital communication programs today. Well, when it comes to benchmarking Teamspeak or Discord? should be preferred? Is TeamSpeak still used even though it is relatively old software? Let’s compare the two programs in all their details.

Pros and cons of TeamSpeak:

TeamSpeak vs other programs


  • High sound quality: TeamSpeak has extremely high sound quality. It offers clear and noise-free sound with features such as background noise reduction and echo cancellation.
  • Lower CPU, memory and bandwidth usage: Compared to Discord, TeamSpeak uses much less CPU, memory and bandwidth. This means that TeamSpeak does not affect game performance too much for gamers who do not have high-end systems.
  • In-game overlay: Thanks to the in-game overlay, you can continue to use TeamSpeak in-game. In this way, you can text chat and change TeamSpeak settings in the game.
  • Better security and privacy: In TeamSpeak, which has military-grade encryption, your data is not shared with 3rd parties and users are kept anonymous.


  • Insufficient text chat capability: TeamSpeak lags far behind Discord when it comes to messaging. If you also care about text-based communication, TeamSpeak may be insufficient for you.
  • Paid servers: If you want to host a server on TeamSpeak, you have to pay for it.
  • Not suitable for beginners: TeamSpeak has an older and more complex interface compared to Discord and is not very easy to use. Therefore, it cannot be said that it is suitable for beginners.

After talking about the pros and cons “Is TeamSpeak a good program?” We can definitely say ‘yes’ to the answer to the question. TeamSpeak, which is ahead of Discord with its high sound quality, low hardware and bandwidth usage, and advanced security and privacy features; It lags behind the times with its paid servers, difficult to use and complex interface and insufficient text chat features.

Pros and cons of Discord:



  • Simple and easy to use interface: Compared to TeamSpeak, Discord has an easy-to-use interface that looks much more modern. Therefore, even if you have not used a similar program before, you can learn to use Discord immediately.
  • Free servers: You can host servers for free on Discord. There is also a paid upgrade called Discord Nitro, but you can also enjoy all the features of the program for free.
  • Lots of text chat features: More than just a voice communication program, Discord lets you send emojis, gifs and photos, attach files and much more.
  • Many users and communities: Unlike TeamSpeak, Discord works more like a social network than a voice communication program. You can find all kinds of user communities in Discord, and by joining these communities, you can communicate just like in a social network.
  • In-game overlay: Like TeamSpeak, Discord has its own interface that you can access while playing games. You can also customize this in-game interface as you wish or disable it entirely.


  • Collects user data: Discord has confirmed that they collect user data. This data includes emails, text chats, pictures and voice chats. It is unknown whether this data is sold to third parties, but it is likely that the company will use this data now or in the future. After knowing this, it is entirely up to you whether to use the program or not.
  • Lower sound quality: Discord doesn’t have bad sound quality, but it doesn’t have as good sound quality as TeamSpeak’s. Unless you’re the type to be obsessed with the little details, you probably won’t notice the difference. However, delays can be frustrating when multiple people are talking in a voice chat at the same time.
  • Higher CPU, memory and bandwidth usage: The fact that Discord offers both video and audio calls, contains many emojis and gifs, and has a more advanced interface makes it a more system-tiring program compared to TeamSpeak. It can be said that the difference is not small in terms of CPU, memory and bandwidth usage, and even if you don’t have a powerful system, Discord has a huge impact on your gaming experience in the background.

Discord, which has turned into a social network rather than a voice communication program, is where people with similar interests take place. to communities You can join, you can also chat outside the game in these communities. The program, which has a much more modern interface, comes to the fore with its simple use, but unfortunately it contains too many features. not system friendly software. Therefore, if your goal is only to have voice communication while playing games and your computer is not very powerful, Discord may not be a good choice.

TeamSpeak or Discord: Which should be preferred?

TeamSpeak vs Discord

We come to the most curious question: Should you use Discord or TeamSpeak?? At this point, what you actually need is important. If you are a privacy conscious person, you should know that Discord collects your user data. In addition, if your only goal is to have voice communication while playing games and you are looking for software that will not tire your system, you can still use it. of Discord It shouldn’t be your first choice.

On the other hand, if you have a powerful system and are looking for a free and modern program that is easy to use, Discord comes to the fore at this point. of TeamSpeak unlike Discord You can socialize by participating in many communities, and benefit from written communication tools such as gif, file sending, image sharing, and video calling opportunities.

As a result, the answer to the question of Discord or TeamSpeak is completely shaped according to your needs. Because both programs distinctive features the owner and the main thing is what you need. If you wish, you can use both programs and take advantage of the opportunities offered by both.

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