AMD Again Competes with NVIDIA: Sound Clarity Will Increase in Your Microphone


A new AMD feature to rival NVIDIA’s RTX Voice system has been introduced. Thanks to the new feature, not only the players, but also anyone who communicates over the internet will be able to transmit sound much more clearly.

Nowadays, we communicate by voice in every game. Some games are directly in-game voice communication It even has features that make it possible. As a result, the sound being more compact and clearer becomes an important part of the player’s experience. AMD and NVIDIA are also aware of this situation.

AMD, which also uses the power of graphics cards AMD Noise Suppression introduced the technology. Thanks to this feature, your voice will go much clearer in games. In addition, this technology can be used not only in games, but also in almost every field.

No more background sounds


AMD Noise Suppression technology, when activated background sounds deactivates it. In other words, let’s say that the air conditioner is running in your environment or you use speakers instead of headphones. Sounds from the air conditioner and speaker are filtered with the help of artificial intelligence. Thus, your voice can be transmitted much more clearly.

The new system is seen as a competitor to the NVIDIA RTX Voice feature. Although it is usually associated with the Ryzen 5000+ CPU or Radeon RX 6000+ GPU that gamers use, this feature is not limited to in-game communication. Zoom, Teams, Discord This voice sharpening feature can also be used on platforms such as


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In addition, with the Adrenaline 22.7.1 update, AMD has also improved the OpenGL drivers. According to AMD, the performance of some RX 6000 cards in games like Minecraft has increased by 90 percent.

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