An Update Is Coming to Windows 11 That Will Revolt Users: Ads Will Be Shown in File Explorer

A new feature that Microsoft is testing on Windows Insider has already garnered the reaction of many Windows users. This feature added built-in ads inside the Windows file explorer.

Ads, one of the most annoying things of our time, appear at every imaginable point, whether we accept it or not. Yes, although the reason why we can ‘use’ many of the things we use now is the money companies make thanks to these ads, today Microsoft is taking the issue of advertising one step further. with a controversial appeared before us.

Windows Insider users have encountered a feature in Windows 11’s file explorer that is guaranteed to be extremely frustrating. Users encountered an ad bar in the middle of the file explorer. advertising bar, at an ‘acceptable’ point for now And while it may seem in context, this has led to fears of an ad-filled Windows future.

That ad that appears in the Windows file explorer:

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