Animated Digital Artifacts That Intrigue You As You Look And Create A Hypnotic Effect

We took a look at the impressive works of Fabio Comparelli that draw people in as you look at them. The artist has both moving and fixed works.

With the rise of digital art, talented people pushing the limits of creativity artists We saw. Each of these artists specific He has a unique style and we are faced with unique works that are equipped with different interpretations each time. Previously, we brought together names from both abroad and our country who fascinated them with their art.

A new name is now added to this list. Fabio Comparelli The artist named, through digital art, presents different messages and their stories transfers it to the other. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the artist’s works together.

“No matter what life throws at you, keep moving forward. You never know what’s on the other side”

The artist made this work for the sake of his mother, who loved flowers very much and who unfortunately passed away:

Is there such a black hole that we did not enter?

You can hear the sounds of nature without turning up the volume. When these are combined with meditation, peace is inevitable.

Peacocks are already quite majestic creatures. Such results emerge when they find a place for themselves in digital art.

Here’s a scene that looks like it’s straight out of animation

The vividness of the colors used by the artist could not go unnoticed. But seeing all the exploding colors together and in action undoubtedly made the work more attractive.

We didn’t know exactly where to explain this work. We can say that we get lost in it

The name of this work is notilus

We left the best for last: This work illustrates human evolution and goes far beyond our time.

From here we move on to non-moving, fixed artifacts.

“I am brave enough to fight dragons and daring enough to carry flowers.

We’re getting more Attack on Titan vibes than that

The title of this work isProtector of Nature” (Guardian of Nature)

A praying mantis with crystal wings welcomes us here

The title of the last work isImmortal love” (Eternal Love)


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You can reach all social media accounts of the artist from this link.

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