Announced Service to Bring Epic Games Players and Steam Players Together: Is the Epic-Steam Fight Ending?

Epic Games has signed a job that will change the online gaming experience. Epic Online Services, which can be used by anyone with a developer account, now provides access to the Epic Games Store and Steam at the same time. Thus, users of the two platforms will be able to play games together.

One of the most popular names in the game world lately. epic Gameshas officially launched a service that players will enjoy. In the statements made by the company, thanks to the new service called Epic Online Services, it is now available for PCs. cross platform support was stated to have been presented. So what does this mean?

There are already two platforms that are famous in the video game world. One of them Epic Gamesthe other is Steam. Here is Epic Online Services, now combining Epic Games and Steam. Thus, players can share their friends on Steam and Epic Games. reach at the same timeThey can play games together. In order to use Epic Online Services, which are available completely free of charge, from Epic Games. developer account need to open.

It will come to consoles in the future.

Epic Online Services

The new tool of Epic Games’ Online Services service is currently available only on PCs is being used. However, after a while, according to official statements, consoles can also benefit from this service. Thus, a player with an Xbox and a player with a PlayStation will have the opportunity to play common games on consoles together.


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Epic Online Services currently only offers cross-platform support between the Epic Game Store and Steam. However, in the future this will change. According to Epic Games officials, users will start to see support for much more game platforms in the future. In this way, for the players never seen before An experience of freedom will be offered.

If you want to start your Epic Online Services subscription and download the published tool, here You can open a developer account using the link.

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