Apple Allegedly Keeps Tracking You Even If You Don’t Want To!

A study by two independent researchers revealed that Apple tracks you even if you don’t want to. Moreover, the applications that followed were Apple’s own applications.

In recent years, its investments in privacy have come to the fore in the marketing of its products. with a striking claim It came up.

Two independent researchers found Apple’s own apps in iPhone settings. even when you turn off analytics sharing keep following you revealed.

Apple may be tracking you even if you choose not to share analytics data:


App developer and security researcher Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry say ‘continuing to follow you even if you turn off data sharing’.a few apps claimed to have detected it. Moreover, among these applications were the following applications of Apple:

  • App Store
  • Apple Music
  • AppleTV
  • Apple Books
  • Apple Stocks

In their study, the researchers found that jail-broken and On iOS 14.6 and iOS 16 operating system used two powered iPhones. It was seen that the data on both phones was sent to Apple instantly, at the same time. Moreover, the setting that allows you to not want the analyzes to be shared, this did not change the situation.

Moreover, the situation is a little more serious in the App Store:

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