Apple Announces New ‘Security’ Feature That Will Turn iPhones Into Nokia 3310


Apple has announced a new security feature for iOS and iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. This feature, called Lockdown, will try to protect devices against spyware. To be frank, this feature transforms the iPhone into the Nokia 3310.

Following every move of users moment by moment spyware, is now everywhere in our lives. In fact, in a news we shared with you a few days ago, since the US-based technology giant Google has detected a new spyware, this spyware can be used by both iOS and Android users. we talked about threatening.

Now there has been a new development regarding spyware, which is generally bought by governments and used against journalists and rival politicians. US-based tech giant appleannounced a new feature developed for iOS and iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. “lockdownThis optional feature, called ” (Lockdown Mode), will provide maximum protection against such spyware. So what exactly is this feature and how does it work?

Here’s what Apple’s new security feature looks like:

Apple lockdown

The feature called Lockdown developed by Apple significantly increases the security layer of smart devices. So much so that after this feature is activated; A large part of the attachments other than the photo in an incoming message will be blocked. Unsafe prohibiting access to sites The feature will render Apple Services, including FaceTime, unusable. With computer and accessories wired link Lockdown will also not allow configuration profiles to load.


The Head of Pegasus, the Israeli Spyware That Caused Indignation Around the World, Resigns

When Apple’s Lockdown Mode is activated, phone features will be largely unavailable. This is a clear indication that the feature in question is not suitable for ordinary users. But Apple seems to have taken the spyware issue more seriously than ever before. Because a new category has been created for Lockdown as part of the Apple Security Award program. Developers who find service-related vulnerabilities will earn twice as much as those who find other vulnerabilities. The maximum reward that Apple has set for this mod is, 2 million dollars declared as.

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