Apple Introduces MacOS Ventura With New Features: Here Are All The New Features

Apple’s Mac computers, which are highly preferred by those who use the computer for business, have received a new operating system as of today. Let’s take a closer look at macOS Ventura and all its new features.

Apple’s Macs, which have been preferred by many users for a long time, got a new operating system today. Thanks to this new operating system, which is unique to Mac computers, a great convenience has been provided in the use of devices.

The new MacOS Ventura, which entered our lives with the WWDC 2022 event, brings many new features to computers. So what are these features? Let’s see together.

Introducing the new macOS Ventura!

macos ventura

One of the most popular and highly anticipated announcements of the event was undoubtedly the new operating system that will come to MacOS. With macOS Ventura, major changes are made by taking the computing experience to the next level.

Here are all the new features of macOS Ventura:

Navigating between windows is now much easier

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Navigating windows and navigating between tabs has been drastically changed and made much easier. With Scene Manager, the application you’re working with stays ahead, your other apps to take their place on the Stage. continues.

Spotlight update:

1668228047 195 Apple Introduces MacOS Ventura With New Features Here Are All

You can easily control and edit the shortcuts you create via Spotlight, and use the ‘Live Text’ feature in images. You can search for text, start timer.

Mac email changes:

1668228047 737 Apple Introduces MacOS Ventura With New Features Here Are All

Many of us have been waiting for a long time ‘Undo’ button It finally enters our lives with the changes made in the Mac operating system. The new feature will be available with the new macOS Ventura.

Security system change:

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However, some changes have been made in the ‘Search’ section to give more accurate results. With the changes made in the privacy area, the ‘Password Keys’ feature was presented to users. With this new feature Within Touch ID and Face ID websites can also be used.

iPhone camera can be used as webcam for Macs

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With the new Handoff feature, you can answer your incoming calls on Mac, your iPhone as a webcam. you can use. However, photo settings such as Studio Light will also be available on your Mac.

iPhone and Mac devices will be able to connect with MagSafe

macos ventura

In line with the work carried out with Belkin Mac and iPhone devices can be connected to each other using the MagSafe feature. New MagSafe attachments will be available at the end of the year.


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