Apple Released An Update That iPhone Users Need Urgently Install


Apple has released new software updates for some of its products, especially iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. This update, which closes a security vulnerability that facilitates the integration of spyware called Pegasus into the device, must be installed by all users as soon as possible.

Later in the day, we will organize an event and announce the iPhone 13 family as part of this event. applehas released a software update update for iPhone, Apple Watch and Macs during the night. iOS 14.8 and watchOS 7.6.2, these updates should be installed as soon as possible and users should have a critical against vulnerability He needs to protect himself.

A group of cyber security experts working within Citizen Lab, Israel-based hacking group NSODiscovered an attack by . This attack was because spyware called Pegasus could be easily integrated into an iPhone. However, Apple, which has been proud of security to date, has a problem that it is not even aware of. security bug This made NSO’s job easier. That’s why iOS 14.8 is critical.

Updates need to be done without delay

iOS 14.8

Apple states on the update page for iOS 14.8 that this update has significant security improvements and should be downloaded by all users recommends. An update that closes the vulnerability that makes NSO’s job easier, especially for journalists, politicians and senior executives who are at the forefront and are known to everyone. life saver looks like it might.


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Scott-Railton, one of the senior executives of the company named Citizen Lab, said that the security patch made by Apple was approved by all users. immediately Indicates that it needs to be loaded. “Have an Apple product? Update right now.‘ said the manager, how urgent is it it reveals.

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