Apple Reveals The Huge Amount Of Money It Spent For A Single Feature Of The iPhone 14

Apple made statements about the emergency satellite connection feature announced with the iPhone 14. The statement also announced how much the feature costs and when it will be available.

US-based technology giant Apple, which held an event in September, iPhone 14 family had introduced. The most striking feature of these smartphones is, satellite link with the ability to provide emergency information. Thus, in case something happens to the users, even if the phone is not working. informing the authorities would be provided.

Apple has now made remarkable statements about this important feature. In the statements made, both this system how much money did it cost and when it will reach users has been announced. Come together, Apple’s iPhone 14Let’s take a closer look at the explanations about the satellite connection feature in .

Apple spent 450 million dollars for emergency aid technology via satellite!

iPhone 14 satellite connection feature

In the statement on Apple’s official website, full for this technology 450 million dollars reportedly spent. The company spends most of this money, which hosts dozens of satellites in low Earth orbit. Globalstar spent for a company called Globalstar also made improvements in its satellites to work in harmony with the iPhone 14 and integrated all ground stations around the world into this system.


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Satellite feature of iPhone 14 will be available later this month

The feature, which was implemented at a serious cost of 450 million dollars, as of the end of this month will be available. Apple states that the feature will be activated first in the US and Canada, and in the next process. will expand its scope it states. How effective such a comprehensive technology will be will become clear in the future.


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