Apple to spend $450 million for satellite connection on iPhones

Apple to spend $450 million for satellite connection on iPhones

The communication technology via satellite, which Apple has developed behind closed doors for a long time, appeared in iPhone 14 models.

Satellite connection allows uninterrupted communication without cellular connection by using communication satellites in Earth’s orbit in places where phones do not receive it.

The satellite feature to be used in iPhone 14 models will be supported by Globalstar, a US-based satellite communications company.

Apple will spend $450 million

Apple will spend $450 million on global satellite companies for this feature. Most of the spending will go to Globalstar, which owns the satellite businesses.


The funds raised will pay for satellites as well as for equipping ground stations with a new type of antenna designed by Apple.

Apple, which has made an agreement with Globalstar for the emergency satellite connection offered in the iPhone 14 series, also wants to use Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

If the talks yield positive results, future iPhones may also benefit from Starlink satellites.

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