Apple watches your every move in the App Store

Apple watches your every move in the App Store

The recession in the global economy and the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic affect technology companies a lot. That’s why many companies are looking for new ways to make money.

apple, As of October 25, it started showing more ads in the App Store. In addition, the company will soon start showing ads in the Maps app.

There are concerns that the company’s approach to privacy may change with the introduction of ads on the App Store.

User gestures go to Apple

Two developers and a group of security researchers have revealed that user actions in the App Store are sent to Apple.

Experts say that among the user data that the iOS operating system sends to Apple, there are also places touched on the screen. This information is sent instantaneously to Apple via a JSON file.

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According to the developers, Apple has been tracking user activity in the App Store since iOS 14.6 released in May 2021.

Since the start of ad display on the App Store, advertisers have been able to access data on the performance of their ads. It should also be noted that the data Apple collects may be related to this.

Although Apple stated that it does not share the data it collects on the App Store with third parties, it did not make any statement on this issue.

On the other hand, Apple prevented third parties from tracking iOS users, and companies such as Google and Meta suffered serious damage from ads.

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