Artificial Intelligence Is Now Into Politics: So This Is How They Will Rule The World

A political party named ‘Synthetic Party’ was founded in Denmark last May. The interesting thing about this party is that it is managed by an artificial intelligence named Leader Laras.

Artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop without slowing down and take a place in different areas of our lives. Now is from Denmark The astonishing information received reveals that this technology has also entered politics.

to Denmark tooSynthetic Party’ A political party called The most striking part of this party is that its leader is an artificial intelligence software. Yes, you heard right. This artificial intelligence-led party named ‘Leader Lars’ was founded last May in partnership with Computer Lars and MindFuture.

Party led by artificial intelligence wants to enter elections

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Into Politics So This Is How

Leader Lars, who led the party, said that internet users Discord through which one can communicate chat bot. Artificial intelligence for its own ideas since 1970 parties that did not enter parliament. Created by inspiration. The founder of the party, MindFuture researcher Asker Staunæs, also stated that the Synthetic Party was established to represent Danish voters whose parties could not enter parliament.

Leader Lars, the monthly basic income is DKK 100,000, i.e. $13,700 believes it should be. That’s more than double the country’s average monthly income. As you can imagine, Lars cannot run because he is not a human. But people in the party can do this by replacing him and carry the ideas of artificial intelligence. Staunæs is also about this “Leader Lars is an icon of the party. Therefore, there will be determined people on the ballot who will represent Leader Lars and serve as an intermediary.” used the phrases.


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Synthetic Party aims to participate in the general elections to be held on November 1 in the country. But it still needs 20,182 signatures to make it happen. The number of signatures it currently receives is only 12. So they have a long road ahead of them to achieve their goals. It should be added that this number did not discourage party members. Because their main purpose is to make people aware of the role of artificial intelligence in our lives and how governments can use it for the common good.

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