Artificial Intelligence Will Make It Harder For Writers After Artists: Introducing Wordcraft

Google introduced the artificial intelligence software Wordcraft2, which will leave book writers unemployed. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, you will be able to write the Lord of the Rings series, which JRR Tolkien wrote in 12 years, in a few days.

DALL-E, the artificial intelligence of OpenAI, scans all the images on the internet and creates the words you type for you. to the work of art He was known for transforming. Even Microsoft’s new design implementation of DALL-E Using it in Designermade the artists quite angry and said “Photographs prepared by artificial intelligence how ethical?“It brought questions to mind.

While all these discussions are going on, Google is introduced last year LaMDA continues to develop its artificial intelligence model quietly. If you remember, LaMDA did it with a Google engineer. after the scary speech scared a lot of people. Today, it works with the help of LaMDA and allows you to effortlessly create stories and even books. Wordcraft introduced its software.

You’ll be able to rewrite Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones in a few sentences

Powered by Google’s artificial intelligence, LaMDA, Wordcraft actually has a very similar use case to DALL-E. You specify what kind of story you want to create with one or a few sentences and artificial intelligence is for you. it produces the story instantly. You can also use this artificial intelligence in places where you are “stuck” in the story. In the test, from the interface part of the software “What will happen now?After entering the phrase “, artificial intelligence will automatically completes the unfinished story.

Of course, at this point, just as DALL-E caused “How ethical is this AI?” comes to mind. Artificial intelligence, just like DALL-E, by scanning written sources JRR Tolkien for self-improvement in 12 years the Lord of the Rings series you will be able to write in a few weeks, maybe even just a few days. Unfortunately, this situation is the result of the efforts of master writers who gave their years to these works. it means to waste.


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While it is stated that Wordcraft, which Google has reviewed with 13 expert authors, can currently produce quite “ordinary” works, engineers, that they want to make Wordcraft “the best writer in the world” as soon as possible stated.


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