Bluetooth LE Audio Technology Announced to Bring Revolutionary Innovations to Wireless Headphones!


It has been announced that the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, which makes wireless headphones more efficient, eliminates boundaries and offers much higher quality sound, is ready for use. So what will this new technology offer to consumers?

Bluetooth SIG, which works for the development of Bluetooth standards, introduced its newest technology, Bluetooth LE Audio, within the scope of CES 2020 events. had introduced. Now, there has been an important development for this new technology. Bluetooth LE AudioIt has been announced that it is ready for use. New technology brought to headphones in the world of bluetooth biggest innovation being launched.

The technology, which has been studied for years, offers very important advantages for consumers. For example, Bluetooth LE Audio compatible wireless headphones are much better than wireless headphones on the market. productive will be. This means longer usage time. However, the advantages of the new technology are not limited to this. Users will get higher audio quality at lower bitrate with LC3 codecs that will be found on Bluetooth LE Audio compatible headphones. This is indirectly will increase the lifetime.

Countless headphones can be connected to one source!


Perhaps the most striking feature of Bluetooth LE Audio is that it removes limitations. You know; under normal conditions, a smartphone simultaneously connects to only one headset. With Bluetooth LE Audio, that will change. Let’s say you’re at a gym or a movie theater. Bluetooth LE Audio supported headphones and audio source, Connect to unlimited headphones at the same timeable to transmit sound.


Google’s ‘Find My Device’ Feature Can Now Find Other Devices via Bluetooth

According to the statements made by the Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth LE Audio, In beta version of Android 13 is built-in. In other words, smartphones that will receive the Android 13 update will be able to support this technology. Moreover; According to the team, some wireless headphones on the market will get Bluetooth LE Audio support with software updates. Wireless headphones to be released with support for Bluetooth LE Audio? Here are these products towards the end of 2022 expected to be released.

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