Canceled 12GB Model of NVIDIA RTX 4080 May Be Released Under a Different Name

The 12 GB model of the NVIDIA RTX 4080 was canceled before it went on sale due to the difference between the 16 GB model and the mountains. Now, it has been claimed that the graphics card will be released under a new name.

NVIDIA introduced the new RTX 4000 series graphics cards in the past months, and the most talked about thing on the internet was the size of the card. In order to buy an RTX 4000 series card, you had to buy a new power supply, a new case and a new motherboard, in short, you had to line up the case from the beginning.

As you know, NVIDIA announced two different models of the RTX 4080, 12 GB and 16 GB. However, the 12 GB model was abruptly discontinued. Today, a claim has been made about the future of this graphics card.

What had happened before?

Canceled 12GB Model of NVIDIA RTX 4080 May Be Released

RTX 4080 12GB; With 7,680 CUDA cores, up to 2.31 GHz processing speed, 639 Tensor-TFLOPs, 92 RT-TFLOPs and 40 Shader-TFLOPs It had a price tag of $ 899. However, the 16 GB model of the RTX 4080; It was a much more powerful model with 9,728 CUDA cores, 2.21 GHz processing speed, 780 Tensor-TFLOPs, 113 RT-TFLOPs and 49 Shader-TFLOPs.

Therefore, NVIDIA decided to cancel the 12 GB model of the RTX 4080. There was a very reasonable reason behind the cancellation decision. NVIDIA has stated that the 12 GB RTX 4080 model has a mountain difference from the 16 GB model and therefore announced that it will not sell this model under the ‘RTX 4080’ brand and price tag. and its playersn He stated that he wanted to avoid being “deceived”.

The same graphics card may be marketed under a new name.

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Of course, NVIDIA has already produced hundreds of thousands of 12GB RTX 4080 graphics cards. won’t throw it away. Many sources claimed that the famous graphics card manufacturer would launch this graphics card as an “intermediate model”, but did not show any evidence. On the other hand, todaykopite7someTwitter user named ” said that NVIDIA’s graphics cards RTX 4070 Ti claimed to be released under the name. Since he is an analyst who shares dozens of consistent leaks about NVIDIA every year since the GTX 1000 series, according to many users, we will see the accuracy of Kimi’s explanation in the coming days.


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Of course, NVIDIA is not thinking about this decision on its own, based on the criticism and feedback received.. However, we can still say that it is a selfless behavior for the company to listen to its customers. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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