Changing Its Design Like It Changes Clothes, Skype Has Been Renewed Once Again: Here are Screenshots of the New Design


Skype, which has changed its design many times in the last 1 year, has made some changes again. The application, which received a major update on desktop, iOS and Android platforms, offers the opportunity to meet with people who do not have a Skype account, thanks to the Meet Now feature, and brings customizable themes to the chat windows.

Featured with the Teams app after the pandemic Microsoft won’t waste any more time with Skype was thought. However, it seems that the tech giant is not ready to leave Skype yet.

Sharing its latest updates on its own blog, Skype introduced renewed chats, new themes and special colors to its users. Stating that they designed the most beautiful video chat panel in the world, the company said that Skype performance increased by 30% on desktop and 2000% on Android. expressed.

Here are the new features coming to Skype:


Among the new features offered by Skype are customizable themes available in chat windows. Also in the windows of users who do not want to open their cameras during a call. instead of a gray background There will be an icon with the user’s profile picture.

Allows users to make calls even without a Skype account “Meet Now” Thanks to the renewed interface of the feature, users will have improved previews and thus host’s name and avatar to invited users to be sent.

Images from Skype’s new interface:

skype new design


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