Cloudflare Announces One Of The Biggest DDoS Attacks Ever Has Been Blocked: Over 15M Requests Received!

Cloudflare recently shared the details of a DDoS attack on a cryptocurrency platform. The attack, in which more than 15 million requests came to the platform in seconds, was noticed by Cloudflare within 20 seconds.

Cloudflare, many companies internet security and DDoS protection A US-based company that provides Today, with the increase in cyber attacks, Cloudflare has started to encounter such incidents very often in the companies it serves.

The DDoS attack, which Cloudflare detected in a short period of time, was one of the biggest attacks they have ever encountered. Although it has similar features with typical DDoS attacks, the details of the attack, which is reported to have reached gigantic proportions, have been disclosed.

The number of requests filling the network exceeded 15 million

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If the DDoS attack on an unidentified cryptocurrency platform is not noticed the other day, how large its dimensions can be has emerged with the figures announced today. What Cloudflare engineers describe as the biggest DDoS attack they’ve ever faced detected within 20 seconds and great losses averted.

Although the attack caused great concern due to its dimensions, it was noticed in a short time and the damage taken was minimized. Cloudflare, the perpetrator worldwide Botnet representing 6,000 bots in 112 countries announced that it was carried out by The attack is thought to be carried out through server providers running Java-based applications of the cryptocurrency platform. However, it is also possible that they may have benefited from the lack of updates on the servers.

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In the table above, you see Cloudflare’s traffic analysis. In the first seconds of the attack, between 500,000 and 1 million requests sent to the platform were recorded. In the next five seconds, these requests increase to 3 million, then 15.3 million. reached .. After he managed to mitigate the attack by taking action quickly, the traffic levels were reduced to normal.


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Cloudflare attacks Most of them originate from Indonesia. and the countries that followed it were Russia, Brazil, India, Colombia and the USA. It is stated that instead of typical HTTP-based attacks, HTTPS-based attack, as in this example, causes much more resource load and the consequences can be much greater. Cloudflare engineers underline that companies should be more careful about security vulnerabilities and that updates should not be disrupted in addition to fixes.

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