Computer Programs You Will Go Back To When You See The Name

Computer software has been developed since the invention of the computer. We have listed old computer programs that have far fewer functions than those we use today.

The computers we use every day today have a relatively short history. However, they keep up with technological developments so well that many computer programs continue to be written every day. These programs that help us shape our computers for our own personal purposes, since the computer was invented being developed.

While we can do most of our work over the phone or cloud systems nowadays, this was not the case in the past. Nowadays, wherever we go from our phone, we want when you can listen to any music, not so much 10 years ago, we had to download a program to our computer in order to do this. We have listed old computer programs both to evoke nostalgic feelings and to give us thanks once again for what today’s technology has to offer.

Computer Programs You Will Go Back To When You See The Name

  • winamp
  • LimeWire
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Norton AntiVirus
  • MSN Messenger
  • Nero Burning ROM
  • Command Prompt

The most nostalgic way to listen to music: Winamp (1997)


Winamp, a media player application, In the late 1990s and early 2000s It was one of the most popular software. The Freemium model shared from the early days meant that users could enjoy the program for free, but had to pay to unlock the extra features.

Winamp has won the hearts of users with plug-ins, great visual effects and easy ways to manage your library. However, in the end Acquired by AOL and it started to go downhill.

Today, you have a large Your MP3 collection Tools like Winamp can still come in handy if you have them, but with the rise of Spotify and other streaming services, young computer users probably don’t even have a clue what Winamp is.

We also encounter the wrong things while downloading music: LimeWire (2000)


peer to peer (peer to peer) LimeWire, designed as a file sharing program, much more than music used to download. LimeWire allowed users to share movies and other files, occasionally causing viruses to spread through the system. LimeWire was a widely used Java-written program in the past, which helped it spread across multiple operating systems.

as might be expected with legal problems After encountering it, LimeWire was shut down in 2010. But the program still exists today in a different form: FrostWire. A group of developers imitated LimeWire and created this alternative software in 2004 that was initially quite similar to the original, but over time it gained new features and became a software in itself. Today, FrostWire only BitTorrent so it doesn’t have all the functionality of LimeWire, but the idea remains.

Before Windows Firewall: ZoneAlarm Firewall (2000)


Today, Windows Firewall is a self-contained software that can provide the security the average user needs. security system.

But when ZoneAlarm first came out, it was very popular with users who wanted to lock in exactly what information could come and go on their system. If you used early versions of ZoneAlarm, control your internet traffic You know what it’s like to see constant pop-ups asking you to.

When ZoneAlarm was first released, it wasn’t all that common for software to constantly access the Internet, so it made more sense to keep track of what was going on. Nowadays, every application on your computer is always requesting internet access, so using this kind of solid firewall may not work well. Despite all these improvements, ZoneAlarm is still available. Currently ZoneAlarm’s home page advertising mobile security apps It does, but mobile antivirus isn’t a necessity. The company also sells premium antivirus and firewall software, but like most paid antivirus products, ZoneAlarm isn’t really worth the asking price.

The best known of the antivirus programs: Norton AntiVirus (1991)


on Windows antivirus software When it comes to leading software, there is no clear winner. However, there are a few antivirus programs that are in the minds of long-time computer users. Norton AntiVirus is one of these programs.

Although it is said by users that it negatively affects computer performance, highly effective against virus It was a program. Norton is still available for purchase today, but it doesn’t offer much more than its free alternatives on the market.

Legend of once: MSN Messenger (1999)

MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger, the chat program most used by the youth of a time, can be counted as the beginning of socializing on the internet. This program, which later changed its name to Windows Live Messenger, was renamed MSN Messenger. first in 1999It appeared in . By departure time with legendary innovations In a short time, it outperformed its competitors such as MSN, ICQ and MIRC.

With the update that came with Windows XP in 2001, it started to allow communication over the internet as well as sending files at the same time. The switch from MSN to Skype came as no surprise, although it was well liked by its users. Microsoft launched Skype in 2011. $8.5 billion he bought. It was envisioned that Skype could replace MSN, but Skype April 8, 2013It never reached the popularity of MSN, who passed away in .

Nero Burning ROM with which we can create our MP3 CDs

Nero Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM was a piece of software that we used a lot when we still got our work done on CDs and DVDs. with Microsoft Also compatible with Linux operating systems This software works as a disc burning software. During its development, Nero was sold with other peripheral software such as Newo Wave Editor, Nero ImageDrive, Nero Recode. Nero Burning ROM, which develops itself in parallel with technological developments, still continues to be used. Before While burning discs of 13 songs Nero nowadays Blu-ray Disc burning capability also has.

Command Prompt (1981) for those who want to make Windows changes manually

command prompt

The average Windows user has probably never used the command prompt. Especially in Windows 10 we do not need the command prompt because almost everything simple graphical interface can be done through But we still have this outdated option.

Although we can do whatever we want on our computer with much easier interfaces, the command prompt allows us to make all changes manually by writing code.

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