Critical Warning from Microsoft to Android Users: Some Apps Can Empty Your Wallet Without Your Spirit Even Hearing

The Microsoft 365 Defender team warned Android users in a new blog post they shared. Focusing on a popular fraud method, the company told users that their wallets could be emptied without them knowing.

While the fraud methods used in smartphone applications continue to affect thousands of users every day, an important statement came from Microsoft today. The company’s 365 Defender Team, known as ‘toll billing’ wireless application protocol (WAP) scam achieved important results.

Examining Android applications, the company shared a detailed information about the increasingly popular fraud method. The company, which published a blog post, stated that with the said fraud method, fraudsters can target some network operators and that they can hide their malicious activities stated.

Money comes out of your pocket without your knowledge:


According to the information provided by Microsoft, the WAP attack is primarily It starts with disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Later, when the user switches to the mobile network, a subscription page opens in the background and the user buys a paid subscription without his knowledge. After that, the software also interferes with the one-time password and enters the password to the user. without seeing the message notification sends it to the service provider.

On the other hand, these attacks only occur by targeting users in certain countries and regions. Because, according to Microsoft, the software must be ready before starting this process. the country the user is in and which network operator he/she is using examining.

So how to protect from this attack?

In order to protect from attack, Microsoft primarily Download from Google Play Store or trusted services. recommends. However, it emphasizes that strong permissions such as SMS permissions should not be given to applications. In other words, protecting from these attacks is largely the responsibility of the user.


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