Critical Warning to Windows 11 Users from Microsoft: Uninstall This Update Now!

In its newly shared announcement, Microsoft stated that the update offered to Windows 11 users on April 25 contains errors and suggested that it be removed. The update causes several apps to crash at once.

Microsoft, which regularly releases new updates for the Windows 11 operating system, included an important error in the last update. Publishing an information for Windows 11 users today, the company has updated users with the KB5012643 code update. to remove them from their computers. warned.

The said update, which is offered as an optional update to Windows 11 users, to a bug that caused various applications to crash. gave place. While the list of applications that were determined to crash due to the error was not published in full, detailed information about the error was also presented.

The update caused some apps to crash:

windows 11

The KB5012643 update, released on April 25, brought minor changes to the operating system. In the update notes Some applications running with .Net Framework 3.5 There was information that it might stop working. The error was reflected in applications that took advantage of the Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation components of the .Net Framework.

Besides this error, the update also caused errors in the Safe Mode of Windows. Some users starting Safe Mode, like flickering on the screen made complaints. Microsoft has also confirmed that components that depend on explorer.exe (such as File Manager and the Start menu) may experience errors.

How to uninstall an update in Windows 11?

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  • Step #1: Open ‘Windows Update settings’ from Start.
  • Step #2: Click on ‘Update history’.
  • Step #3: Click on ‘Uninstall updates’.
  • Step #4: Find the ‘KB50126443’ update and uninstall it.


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