DALL-E, which converts everything you type into images, can now be used even on WhatsApp

The developer interface of the artificial intelligence DALL-E, which creates images from text, has been shared publicly. Artificial intelligence can even be integrated into unexpected applications very soon.

The most prominent name of artificial intelligence that creates visuals according to the text you write. DALL-E 2Came today with exciting news. In the announcement it shared, the platform announced that artificial intelligence application programming interface (API) announced that it was open to everyone.

The opening of the DALL-E API to everyone was news that the developers were eagerly waiting for. With the opening of the API to everyone, developers are able to expand the possibilities offered by DALL-E. integrated into their own software will have the opportunity to do so.

The release of the API is not only good news for developers:


With the release of the DALL-E API, AI will be able to leverage even more data to convert text to images. With the use of the API on multiple platforms and applications, DALL-E artificial intelligence will also be able to develop more rapidly. The resulting images parallelism with the text and its quality may also increase.

So what can be done?

The usage area of ​​the DALL-E API is completely up to the imagination of the developers. With this API, the developers may even soon launch a bot where you can create images via WhatsApp using WhatsApp’s own API. In fact, if you understand software, you can do it yourself.

Using the API will not be free:

Developers who want to take advantage of the DALL-E API will be created according to the resolution of the images They will pay per image. These fees will be as follows:

  • 1024×1024 pixels: $0.02
  • 512×512 pixels: $0.018
  • 256×256 pixels: $0.016


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