Developers Gather: $1000 Collection PC, iPhone 13 and Nintendo Switch Prize Poll Starts!

Participation in the second quarter 2022 survey of the Developer Nation Survey, which is organized by SlashData twice a year to determine the trends of the software world, has started. Everyone who participates in the survey will have a chance to win one of the many prizes.

It is very useful to follow up-to-date reports to understand trends in the software world. The most comprehensive of these reports is the report published twice a year by Developer Nation. Participation in the last survey of 2022 for the report, which was organized according to the surveys attended by thousands of software developers from all over the world, started.

Everyone who participates in the survey, which will take 27 minutes in total, will have the opportunity to access the report free of charge. Apart from this, as in every survey period, lucky participants will have popular products and services of the technology world.

developer nation survey

Developer Nation Survey Q2 2022 awards:

  • Technological device gifts:
    • $1000 collectible computers (Hardware preferences will be up to the winner)
    • iPhone 13
  • Software licenses:
    • SitePoint Premium License
    • 3-month Skillshare subscription
    • AI Practitioner training course and certificate with exam
    • Notion Personal Pro license
    • 12-month Docker Pro license
    • Tick ​​Tick Premium license
  • Accessories:
    • Ergonomic Mousepad
    • smart plug
  • Gift certificates:
    • $50 software tools gift card
    • $20 Amazon gift card
    • $10 Spotify gift card
    • $10 Google Play Store gift card
  • Community gifts:
    • iPhone 13
    • Samsung Galaxy S22
    • Xiaomi Remi 11 5G
    • Surprise Swag
    • $15 Amazon gift card
    • Various “software learning” resources

How can you participate in the Developer Nation survey?

  • Step #1: Click here to go to the survey page,
  • Step #2: If you are not a Developer Nation member, become a member.
    • If you are a member, log in,
  • Step #3: Click the “Take the Survey” button,
  • Step #4: Start filling out the survey.

Offering a more generous prize pool this year, SlashData aims to reach more developers. You can also get a chance to win prizes by participating in the survey, good luck to everyone!

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