Did The Huge Series End For This: FIFA Parting Ways With EA Announces Web 3.0 And Metaverse Games

FIFA, which parted ways with EA, introduced its new games. The statements made reveal that these games are focused on the metaverse and web 3.0. A rival game for FIFA next year, called EA Sports FC or eFootball, is not yet on the horizon.

Football-loving gamers were shaken by a news that fell like a bombshell a few months ago. So much so that with EA, who holds the naming rights of FIFA, roads were separated. Official statements mean that FIFA, one of the world’s most popular football game series, will not be named with the same name again.

The latest news is that the FIFA series in another dimension It makes you think you can continue. Because in the statements made by FIFA, it was stated that the work on 4 new games continues. The biggest common point of these games is, metaverse and they were web 3.0 oriented. Let’s take a look at the new games announced by FIFA together.

Here are FIFA’s new web 3.0 and metaverse based games

FIFA games

The first of the games announced by the company “AI League“It happened. AI League, which comes across as an ordinary football game with 4 to 4 matches, will be a production in which players will be coaches. Players who can collect characters and trade them, at critical moments can be included in the game.

FIFA upland

Another announcement is that it is among the most popular metaverse ecosystems in the world. Upland was about. Collaborating with FIFA, Upland added the special content it created for the Qatar 2022 World Cup finals to the metaverse ecosystem within the scope of this cooperation. Thus, users will be able to visit the replicas of some stadiums, acquire products such as clothes and household goods, and customize their avatars in Upland. On the other hand; phygtl Collaboration was also made with the metaverse ecosystem. As part of this cooperation, special content was created and presented to users for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Another production that FIFA is working on is “matchday“. Players who will face their friends in Matchday, which comes out as a card game, will try to be the best…


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