Do the Files We Delete from the Phone and Computer Confuse into Nothingness, or Are They Going Somewhere We Don’t Know?

If you have ever tried to restore your deleted files, even once, you must have wondered what happens to the deleted files. Do the files you delete magically disappear? Let’s explain the answer to this question simply.

We’ve talked a lot about recovering deleted files on your Android device, computer or SD card before on this site. While writing these articles, like many of you, the following question came to our mind: If we can restore deleted files, are they really deleted?

If we can get it back, it means that these files are not really deleted. ‘In this case, what happens to the files that we delete?‘ you may have wondered, so we did. We have explained this subject simply without getting too caught up in technical terms.

First we need to understand one thing: How is data stored on our computers?

Do the Files We Delete from the Phone and Computer

Normally, when we delete a data from our computer, it is moved to the trash. If you do not clear the trash for 30 days, the data there will be automatically deleted. So when this process happens, the files Does it disappear completely? In order to answer this question, we first need to understand how data is stored on our computers.

on our computers volatile (RAM) and helper (RUM) memory There are two types of memory. Of these, volatile memory is data that is kept on your device for a short time. When you cut off the power to your computer’s power supply Data held in RAM disappears.

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What we call a ROM is a USB are storage units such as DVD or HDD. These are memory formats in which the user can store most of his data. Most ROMs contain ferromagnetic elements, and a ferromagnetic element contains scattered magnetic poles inside.

The data is stored in memory in a specific orientation of magnetic dipoles. stored by being magnetized. In this way, the computer can show this permanent data to the user whenever the user needs it.

Let’s come to the main question: What happens when we delete a file?

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Contrary to what you might expect, data does not disappear when you delete it. In order to explain this in the simplest way, we can give an example from the PlayStation 2 era. Legend of PlayStation 2 Memory Cards Do you remember?

These Memory Cards could be up to 128 MB in size, but many of us simply 8 MB Memory Cards had to make do with it. In this case, in order to save our progress in the games, most of the time we have already played and finished games. we were overwriting your records.

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‘A file’ on a digital deviceyou deleted’ This is exactly when this event happens. Windows keeps track of all files located on the hard drive. If this registration ispointersIt’s done with the help of tools known as “. Every file or folder on the hard disk can be accessed by Windows. specific informing where the file is located on the hard disk has a pointer.

When you trash a file and clear the trash, Windows removes the pointer and changes the file location status to ‘available’ changes to. In the operating system, the file will no longer appear on the hard drive, and the sector containing the file is considered free space. The new files are The space occupied by the old data is overwritten.

So how can we recover deleted files then?

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Actually, the answer to this question is very simple. As we mentioned, Windows still retains a file when you delete it. continues to memorizeshows the space it occupies as free space. Of course, this only applies until a new file is overwritten.

If Windows detects that the file you deleted if no new data has been overwritten You can easily restore deleted files. That’s why many data recovery programs only files you deleted recently it can be returned in its full form without any problems.


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So to summarize; Other permanent and auxiliary storage units (ROMs) other than volatile memory (RAM) do not magically lose data when deleted, because when it saves data, it magnetically processes it to disk. Instead, it considers the space occupied by that data to be empty and overwrites the new data.

In this way, you have the chance to recover files that you have deleted recently.

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