Dominate Machines: What Is Robotic Coding, What Is It For, How To Learn?


The future has come. In the near future, robots will begin to do the work that humans do in every corner of the business world. So, who will control these robots? If we give the right commands with robotic coding, the robots will not be able to take over the world. Let’s take a closer look at what robotic coding is, how to learn it, and what are the advantages of knowing.

For the last hundred years, there has been a common idea in literature, cinema and, more importantly, in the world of science; Robots are coming. The future, which has been drawn and anticipated for years, has finally arrived. It is estimated that the use of robots will become widespread in the next ten years and these robots will do the work that more than 1 billion people have done. But how will these robots work? Of course they get the right commands thanks to robotic coding.

We are used to the concept of coding now, Robotic coding is a similar concept. Just as it is necessary to write code to run even the smallest application, the same is true for an advanced robot. The word robot might be a little scary, but they’re just machines. The only thing preventing them from taking over the world, as we see in science fiction movies, will be the robotic coding learned today.

Let’s start with the basics, what is a robot?

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Robot; perceiving the environment it is in, in line with the commands it has received before It is a machine that makes a decision by making calculations and performs some actions according to the decision it makes. So it doesn’t necessarily have to look human. It is sufficient to make a decision and fulfill its function by perceiving the event only within the framework of the commands it receives.

Although it varies according to its function, it is possible to talk about some basic parts that should be found in all robots; large and small motors, sensors and computing units. The robot that senses the surroundings with sensors, It will perform the actions thanks to the motors. Computing units filled with commands given by humans will decide what these actions will be.

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What is robotic coding?

With the coding we know, it is written what the application should do when a key is pressed or a point is touched. Robotic coding works just like that. Adding certain scenarios to the robot’s computing units and what action to take in which situation is written.

Robotic coding It can be written in languages ​​such as C/C++, Python, Java, C#. Languages ​​such as Wiring, Embedded C, and Mbed are also available, but they are already C++-based. While robotic coding may sound a bit fairytale, it is actually quite similar to basic coding. Someone who writes that the application opens when you click, can also write that the robot opens when it detects something.

What does robotic coding do?

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Robots are widely used in the industrial world. for example a robot can only be programmed to close the jar lid. Another can detect cracked eggs and remove them from the parcel. In other words, most repetitive tasks are given to robots so that the advanced human mind no longer has to deal with such small tasks.

Of course, it is obvious that they will carry out much more advanced commands in the future, but basically, robots will only they will act within the framework given to them. Programmers who know robotic coding will take the lead in this job. Because no matter how advanced a machine is, a human is nothing but a pile of metal unless he gets the right commands written by a programmer.

How to learn robotic coding?

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To be frank, one fine day, if you resign from your civil service in the foundation, if you suddenly start learning robotic coding It will take you a long time to become a master. Because several times more of the infrastructure required to learn coding is required to learn robotic coding.

So, how to learn robotic coding? The first audience to learn robotic coding is children. A coding education that starts with primary school education, When robotics continues on coding, children are ready for the future. Moreover, robotic coding represents the present for children, not the future.

Coding and robotic coding have become an indispensable course in engineering departments of universities. However, if you say that I am neither a child nor an engineer, but I have no interest in coding; then we recommend checking out Udemy and similar educational platforms. You can even find free tutorials on YouTube if you have some basic knowledge. As long as you have determination.

Benefits of learning robotic coding in kids:

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  • Develops critical thinking skills.
  • Develops problem solving skills.
  • It helps them develop logical, numerical and analytical thinking systems.
  • It enables them to be individuals who are much more prone to teamwork.
  • There will be opportunities to work in an endless new discipline.
  • They get to know the world of today and the future closely.
  • They are not easily unemployed and work with not bad salaries.

Children’s learning of robotic coding allows them to understand that there can be a much larger world than they see. Thanks to a coding education supported by art and science Children truly build the future. Of course, we do not know how accurate it is to guarantee that if all children learn to code, they will not be unemployed.

Will robotic coding really shape the future?

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Take a look around you. in the last few years the number of machines we use You must have noticed how big the increase is. For now, we operate these machines by pressing, touching or voice commands. It is not necessary to be a prophet to say that the technology that came from zero to this point in a short time will progress further.

Your coffee machine will know how many cups of coffee you have drunk at what time and will have it ready at the exact time you want. A simple robot is when your dirty basket is full. will throw the clothes in the washing machine, wash, dry and fold them. We will experience almost everything we see in the Jetsons cartoon. Because we have seen that dozens of things that seemed impossible years ago are possible today. It is not a luxury but a necessity for children to learn robotic coding so that they do not fall behind in this world.

which enables us to master the machines in the world of the future. what is robotic coding, how to learn, what are the advantages of learning We answered the frequently asked questions and talked about the details you need to know about the subject. You can share your thoughts about robotic coding in the comments.

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