DreamWorks Will Make Public Animation Program Used in Many Productions


DreamWorks Animation announced that it will open source MoonRay, the rendering engine it has previously used in productions such as “Puss In Boots: The Last Wish” and “The Bad Guys,” this year.

One of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to animation. DreamWorkshas made some technologies open source in recent years. The company is now preparing to make some of the tools used by the animation department free of charge for people.

According to comments from DreamWorks Animation MoonRay Ray tracing rendering program will be open source later this year. Moreover, the company will open the Arras cloud rendering framework with the main code.

DreamWorks expects further development of MoonRay


Making a statement on the subject, DreamWorks Global Vice President of Technology Andrew Pearceannounced that they are excited to share the vectorized, distributed, threaded and parallelized code of MoonRay, which has been developed for over 10 years. Stating that the interest in rendering is gradually developing, Pearce said that MoonRay can respond to this demand and that the company will continue to show its support for open source codes. Pearce also stated that they expect further development of the code with community participation.


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MoonRay draws attention as one of the most used programs by DreamWorks recently. Among the productions in which this program is used How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldThe Croods: A New Age, The Bad Guys and the upcoming Puss In Boots: The Last Wish works such as Let’s see when people who deal with animation as a hobby will sign animation projects at the same level as the tools DreamWorks uses. If you are also interested in making animations, you can request early access from this link.


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