Exciting Prediction About Humanoid Robots: It Could Be As Big As The Electric Car Industry

US giant investment bank Goldman Sachs has made a prediction about the future of humanoid robots such as Optimus, which Tesla showed its prototype in recent months. Such robots could grow into a $150 billion market in the next 15 years, according to the company.

Usually seen in science fiction movies. humanoid robots It has already started to come into our lives. Many technology companies are accelerating their moves on these robots, which are expected to become very common in the future. One of them is the US-based Tesla operating under the management of Elon Musk.

The giant company announced that it is working on a humanoid robot in 2021. In the artificial intelligence event called AI Day held in the past months, ‘Optimus’ He showed the world the prototype of this robot named after him for the first time. After the introduction of the robot, which created great excitement, many people wondered how widespread these robots would be in the future. One estimate in this regard is the US, one of the world’s largest investment banks. from Goldman Sachs came.

Humanoid robots could become a $150 billion industry in 15 years

Exciting Prediction About Humanoid Robots It Could Be As Big

The giant investment bank has estimated that humanoid robots like Tesla’s Optimus robot could grow into an industry worth more than $150 billion in the next 15 years. The US company made this prediction by publishing an investment report on this subject, led by Tesla.

The following statements were included in the Goldman Sachs report:Tesla’s unveiling of the prototype of the humanoid robot Optimus ignited debate over what the financial opportunities for such innovations would be. The investment situation for humanoid robots is quite large. By 2035 if barriers to product design, use case, affordability, and public acceptance erode up to $152 billion We see a market.”


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This prediction, which the company calls the ‘blue sky scenario’, shows that the humanoid robot industry can grow quite a lot. Even the given number is the current global almost equivalent to the electric car market, as much as a third of the smartphone industry. Although the investment bank makes such a prediction, there are some doubts about humanoid robots, based on Tesla’s prototype.

Experts say Tesla’s robot is not that impressive for now

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Tesla’s demonstration of the prototype of Optimus excited many people, but it did not impress some. Many robotics professors say that it is amazing that the US technology giant has designed this robot in such a short time; however, the functions of Optimus not impressive was saying. It was even stated that Optimus’ movements resembled the Asimo, which Honda first introduced in 2000.

In addition, experts state that although the robot has potential, it is not a revolutionary technology compared to 2022. is far from innovation had transferred. Also, that Optimus’ movements are not human-like; therefore, it was stated that it was unrealistic to think that his current state could replace people.

So you see, there are some doubts about Tesla’s robot. But what the company has shown is only a prototype. Tesla is still developing on the Optimus and adds that it needs 3-5 years to launch. That’s why Tesla’s robot within 5 years We can say that there is a possibility that it will reach the desired level by making a serious development.


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It is planned that humanoid robots will reduce labor costs, replace humans in difficult jobs and help us in our daily lives in the coming years. If this happens and such devices, especially Tesla’s robot, can achieve the desired functionality, Goldman Sachs’ forecast for the next 15 years can come true. We will see how the future of these technologies, which have the potential to completely change the world, will be in the coming years.

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