FBI Shared 10 Safety Precautions You Must Follow To Protect From Hackers

Authorities such as the FBI, the US National Security Agency (NSA), the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and a group of cybersecurity experts have explained the methods of protection from hackers. Here are the points to be considered in order to be protected from hackers…

With the widespread use of smartphones, computers and the internet, our digital securityIt’s starting to become a little more important than ever. So much so that even though we are in 2022, we can fall into very simple traps of hackers. While this sometimes causes us to lose our account on a social media platform, sometimes we even lose our money. So how to ensure digital security and to protect from hackers what should i do?

FBIUS National Security Agency (NSA), the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and a group of cybersecurity experts from the UK, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Canada have prepared an advisory guide for casual users. This guide shows some of the things we can do to protect ourselves from hackers. If you wish, without further ado to the directory Let’s take a closer look.

10 things to consider in order to be protected from hackers

What to do to ensure cyber security

Don’t forget multi-factor authentication

The first title in the guide prepared by the leading names of the sector, from multi-factor authentication systems use. According to the statements made by CISA, the first target of hackers is users who keep the security level low. So, if you want protection from hackers, use multi-factor authentication services. neglect you shouldn’t.

Permissions granted to apps and services need to be checked

Sometimes we install applications on our smartphones, sometimes we use various web services. we give permissions. The prepared guide states that this is very important to ensure cyber security. According to cyber security experts, applications or services wrong or unnecessary If permissions are granted, it can be easier for hackers to infiltrate through these applications or services. That’s why you need to be careful.

Do not use vendor-supplied default settings with outdated software

Cyber ​​security

According to cyber security experts and US officials, software used without a computer or smartphone always keeping up to date needs. However, the use of default usernames and passwords that vendors provide to customers also makes it easier for hackers to work. offered for any network or service, according to the NSA. no default settings should be used.

If possible, do not use a VPN. Note the following if you use

VPN services, which have become popular according to the statements made by CISA, are adequately protected against unauthorized access. not sheltered. That’s why it’s better not to use VPN services. However, according to experts, there are a few things that need to be done if using a VPN is required. The first is to use a VPN with multi-factor authentication. Another method is to use VPN as a the firewall use with. According to experts, using VPN sparingly will help protect from hackers.

The importance of using strong and unique passwords

Password security

Cyber ​​security experts also use it as one of the ways to protect themselves from hackers. use of strong passwords they are pointing. Moreover, having a strong password alone is not enough. Setting a single password for the internet world increases the risk, even if the password is strong. For this reason different passwords should be used in different media is expressed.

Cloud services are not as secure as expected

Guide to research by a company called Palo Alto Networks, on 99 percent of cloud services He states that it is a very serious problem. According to the research, permissions used in cloud services increase the likelihood of hackers infiltrating devices.

Beware of open ports and misconfiguration

Sometimes for devices connecting to a network port opening process we can. While this is usually exceptional, for some systems it is a must. Here’s the latest report, which says that a lot of attention should be paid at this point. Because opening the wrong port for a device can play into the hands of hackers. On the other hand, for all devices that connect to the internet via a modem check your configurations needs to be done.

Don’t fall victim to phishing

Phishing attack

One of the simplest methods used by hackers is, phishing attacks. This attack method, which we see mostly in incoming e-mails, has hurt countless people to date. Cybersecurity experts say users need to be on the lookout for phishing. So how will this happen? It is possible to explain in the simplest way: marked as safe be sure, take a quick look at the url of the site. In incoming e-mails check the email sender address. If there is already a problem, you can easily understand it.

Ensure endpoint security

The last of the issues in the guide is about ensuring endpoint security, which is more of a concern for companies. “Three points” means all devices in a network. All devices connected to the internet, from pos devices to printers… Companies need to pay attention at this point and ensure endpoint security. Otherwise, if a single device is exposed to a cyber attack, that company’s all devices for the job will be over.

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