Features You Must Check in e-Government!

In today’s video, we think it’s useful and you should definitely check it out. e-Government features we are examining. Have a good time everyone!

Today, we can handle many official affairs directly via e-Government without going anywhere. Among thema from business-related issues to inheritance issues There are many processes involved. So, in this video, we look at what we can do over e-Government and what transactions we can perform.

So what can be done with e-Government?

  • You can review your employment and insurance status in my working life section.
  • You can get information about your inheritance transactions from the Certificate of Inheritance section.
  • You can get information about private pension and see if you have saved money.

You can find many information like this by watching our video now and learn how to do it. So, which feature of e-Government do you use the most? Don’t forget to mention your ideas and opinions in the comments!

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