Free Version of Adobe Photoshop Coming! Lightroom Can Now Edit Videos

In its new news shared today, Adobe announced that free browser-based Photoshop tests have started in Canada. However, the company shared that Lightroom will soon gain the ability to edit video.

Playing a major role in shaping the digital world with its dozens of software, Adobe today Photoshop and Lightroom came to the fore with big news. The version of Photoshop, which is normally paid, running in the internet browser is in the testing phase and the software completely free will be shared.

According to the announcement shared by Adobe, the company has started testing the free and browser-based version of Adobe Photoshop in Canada. Accessible with an Adobe account and ‘freemiumDetailed information about the service called ‘ was also shared. Adobe shared that this version will also load the task of pulling users to the main Photoshop version.

What will Freemium Photoshop offer?


Although Adobe actually released the browser-based version of Photoshop in October, this version was not a preferred version. Simple photo editing The version, which is planned to present, was mostly used for photo editors to share photos with each other and make minor edits by leaving notes to each other.

With the passing months, Adobe has made many updates on this version. The company’s vice president, Maria Yap, said in a statement she shared:I want to see Photoshop meet users where they are now. You don’t need a high-end machine to get into Photoshop.” he said.

Adobe did not share any information about when the ‘freemium’ Photoshop will be released worldwide. Browser-based Photoshop includes basic photo editing tools that the main Photoshop app has, and some artificial intelligence-assisted technologies will place. One of these technologies will be a filter that transforms old photos into the present.

Lightroom goes beyond just photo editing:


Another news came from Lightroom, Adobe’s popular application used with Photoshop. According to the announcement shared by Adobe, Lightroom, which has been used to make settings such as detailed lighting and exposure adjustment in photos until today. can now be used in videos. With Lightroom, color editing and simple trimming of videos can be done. However, video clips cannot be edited on a single timeline. In other words, Lightroom will function as a color editor for videos, just as it does for photos.

Video editing in Lightroom will come to both desktop and mobile versions. In addition to this feature,adaptive presetSome artificial intelligence-supported features such as ‘ filters will also be added. With these features, the subject or the sky in the video can be edited separately with the support of artificial intelligence.


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