GitHub Coding Assistant Gets Update: Easy and Free to Code!

Github Copilot has received an update that will make coding developers happy and available free for students.

GitHubis known as the best companion for developers working on an open source coding project. The company last Microsoft Build 2022 announced that it has made an update to one of its most interesting services at its event that will delight developers.

Launched last year and copilot The update made in this program, called this program, offers an artificial intelligence-supported feature that helps to suggest code during the code writing process. OpenAI with In partnership with GitHub Copilot, which emerged, helps developers detect problems, automate the coding tasks they need to do constantly, and more.

GitHub Copilot could revolutionize how to code faster and easier

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Perhaps the most pleasing one among the news after the update to Copilot free for students was to be made available. More detailed information about Copilot, which will be made available worldwide in the summer of this year, is expected to be announced shortly.

Microsoft made a statement about Copilot at Build 2022, Python, JavaScript He said that features such as working with many languages, suggesting edits and lines of code as you progress, will remain the same in the free version.


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Copilot will offer natural language explanations to its users

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Among the updates to Copilot, the most striking one is your code and what works “Explain” that presents users with a natural language description. “Explanation” was the part. This application, which is currently in the trial phase, could change all the rules in the software space, according to Ryan J. Salva, assistant manager at GitHub.

As part of Copilot Labs, ‘explain this code’ and ‘translate this code’ Stating that they have made their features available, Salva explained that these studies are still in the testing phase and that they can further develop or remove them according to the feedback from users. Thanks to the “explain code” section, a developer will be able to quickly get information about a code base that they do not know. This information will be given in a simple and understandable language.

What do you guys think? Do you think the new feature that comes with Copilot will be useful for code developers?

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