Gmail Design Has Changed ‘Permanently’: It Will Not Be Possible To Go Back To The Old Design!

Developing a new interface for Gmail for a long time, Google has made its new design mandatory for all users. Those who did not like the new design presented in July were able to revert to the old design so far.

Gmail, one of today’s most used e-mail services, was launched in July. released its new design for all users. The new interface, which carries traces of Google’s Material Design 3 design language, hosted some important improvements and improvements.

If you say “I don’t like the new design”, there is no answer anymore:

Google has actually offered a solution for this since July. Those who did not like the new design could revert to the previous design. But as of November, the new design of Gmail, It was the only design that could be used for all users. The old design was officially put on dusty shelves.

What has changed in Gmail?

The first change that users who visit Gmail will notice is that the texts in the left menu have been brought closer together. Blocks separating all sections while no noticeable change in email listing has much more rounded edges. The most important change is seen in the menu.

Here is the new face of Gmail:

on the left side of the Gmail page. The menu can now be opened and closed. Users can open and close the menu by moving the mouse pointer to the left when they close the menu. In this way, the main focus on the screen is only the e-mail list.

In Gmail, not only the design has changed:

In addition to the new design, Google has also decided to improve Gmail searches. According to names and email addresses, the company shared in a blog post.intent match‘ and ‘personalized recommendations‘ was presented. With ‘intent matching’, Google helps you find topics that fit your search, and Gmail helps you find exactly what you’re looking for in search results.


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