God of War Ragnarok Deserves Every Penny Of Its Money: Here’s An Incredible Graphic Comparison Of The Series

We have compiled for you the gaping graphic difference between the new God of War Ragnarok, which will be released on November 9, and the previous game in the series.

The God of War series, which is among the “legends” of Sony, appeared in 2018 with a brand new world and story after the first trilogy. This time, the story of our angry god of war who stabbed Norse mythology with the sword (or rather the ax) did not end here, of course. Announced with the release of PlayStation 5, God of War Ragnarok kept the players waiting for a long time.

Today, the expected day has come and God of War Ragnarok is only hours away from its release. However, some creators have already started to play and review the game. So how does God of War Ragnarok differ from the previous game in the series? Let’s see together.

What you know is true

God of War Ragnarok Deserves Every Penny Of Its Money

When we look at the differences between the 2018 game and Ragnarok, the first striking detail is character modeling we see that. Here, especially since Kratos is getting older, the ends start to turn white in the first game. we see that his beard has turned almost completely gray. In addition, the sun rays hitting our war god, who has a much paler complexion compared to the first game, look much more realistic.

It will be a game where you will feel the cold of the apocalypse.

When we look at the difference between the two games, we see that the world is a little more colorful in God of War and that the leaves of the trees are “more lively“. has a granular structure immediately draws our attention.

Physics that will push the limits of PlayStation 5

When we put the graphics of Ragnarok side by side with the graphics that look great according to the release date of the first game, we really see that there is a difference between them. Especially the game’s physics engine has completely changed the look of the game. Again, although the structure of the abdomen changes slightly in the previous game, in Ragnarok even a branch falling from a tree is developed enough to leave a trace in the snow. We see that it has a physics engine.

True “Next generation” experience

When we look at the textures of the game, we see that the game has adapted itself very well to the new generation. Especially Even the capillary details on the wood and wood coatings are easily visible. One of the biggest differences between the two games.

A complete visual feast

When we look at the particle details of the game, we see that the bar raised by the already dazzling God of War has been raised with Ragnarok. The little fumes of the sparks that come out when the blades of chaos collide with each other. It even shows us how much attention is paid to the details in the game.

Tears for those using Intel HD Graphics

When we look at the lightings of the game, we see much more realistic and compatible lightings with the world of the game. Lightings in Ragnarok compared to the first game being softer, it looks very realistic and in keeping with the fading world of the game.


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God of War Ragnarok, with these dazzling graphics you see, November 9 will be playable. If you pre-ordered the game, you can start downloading it now. The night connecting November 8 to November 9 the game is playable you can enter the game

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