Good News from Apple: Update Support for Second Generation AirPods Has Arrived

After the software update that Apple brought to AirPods Pro towards the end of 2021, a similar news came today for the second generation AirPods.

Apple continues to make music addicted users happy with its new AirPods models. We recently shared interesting information about the new generation AirPods with you. Continuing to work on its new models, Apple has not forgotten the old generation AirPods users.

Towards the end of 2021, Apple allowed AirPods Pro users to make software updates when necessary. Similar news today. second generation AirPods came for Let’s take a look at the details of the news.

Software update to second generation AirPods


According to the information announced by MacRumors, the second generation AirPods are now listed among the supported models. It allows users to install software for the inconvenience caused by not getting an update on one of their AirPods or using it on a non-iOS device. However, software update valid for Apple’s internal use only.


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Users who want to update AirPods software Apple Stores or Apple Authorized Service They must visit. It is useful to remind; AirPods, which can receive updates, are limited to the second generation for now. Third generation AirPods and AirPods Max are not included in this list. I do not know if we will see other Apple devices included in this list in the coming days, but we seem to hear that thousands of people are happy with this news.

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