Google Chrome Will Block Notifications That Drive Crazy Users By Going Up On Websites

Google has announced that it has developed a new feature for Chrome. This feature, which is also detected in the source codes, will restrict the notifications sent by websites. Thus, Chrome will now be able to prevent a website from automatically sending notifications.

A new feature has been discovered in the source codes of Google Chrome. This feature is available on websites. will automatically restrict notifications and it seems to completely block some websites from sending notifications. Well Google, for which sites will apply notification filter?

There are many features to ensure security in Google Chrome. These features examine the certificates of websites, warn the user when necessary, and blocking access to the site. Here, the new feature developed for Google Chrome will now follow websites much more deeply. Websites detected to send spam notifications, will be plugged into the notification filter.

Websites detected to send spam notifications will be caught in the notification filter

As a matter of fact, it is an available for Google Chrome. notification blocking feature available. You see this right above. Although it is not finalized at the moment, you may think that the scope of the same feature can be expanded. For example, the notification blocking feature above may be disabled on some websites in the future. never will not appear. Because those sites will be stuck with Google Chrome filters and notifications will be blocked automatically. So why did Google do such a thing?


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According to the statements made by a Google spokesperson, notifications are in Google Chrome. was the subject of most complaints.. This is exactly why we took action and started the development of a new feature discovered in the source codes for Google Chrome. A Google spokesperson said when the notification filter will reach all users. he did not say anything.

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