Google Develops A New Artificial Intelligence Model With 1000 Languages ​​Support: It Will Be Used In Many Places Like Translation and YouTube Subtitles


Google announced that it is working on a new artificial intelligence model project that supports 1000 languages. The company stated that this model, which can be useful for lesser-known languages, can be used in different parts of the Google ecosystem, such as Google Translate and YouTube subtitles.

While developments in artificial intelligence continue rapidly, many technology giants are bringing their new moves in this field to us. US-based Google is one of these companies. The technology giant already has many artificial intelligence projects, such as a language model.

Google has announced that it is now working on a brand new project. The company is the most talked about company in the world. Supporting 1000 languages He stated that he has developed an artificial intelligence language model. The first step towards this goal has already been taken.

Available in lesser known languages

Google Develops A New Artificial Intelligence Model With 1000 Languages

As the first step of this project, the company more than 400 introduced an artificial intelligence that supports language. This model has been created by Google “the broadest language coverage currently seen in a speech model” described as. Language and artificial intelligence have been at the center of the US tech giant’s work for some time. Recent advances in machine learning have also led to such significant developments in multifunctional large language models and the emergence of new products.

Language models; It can be used for many different things in search engines, such as creating language-based content and translation. Google’s new initiative of 1000 languages, on the other hand, is intended to be used for different functions with a single system that has a wide knowledge about world languages ​​rather than a single function.


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Zoubin Ghahramani from Google’s artificial intelligence division, who made a statement to The Verge, also said that the company said that such a large model can be used online. languages ​​that are not common enough He states that he believes it can provide various artificial intelligence functions for Ghahramani makes the following statements regarding this:

A model exposed to and trained on many different languages ​​allows us to achieve better performance in the under-represented languages ​​(low-resource language) we’re talking about. The way to reach 1000 languages ​​is not to create 1000 different models. Languages ​​are like organisms; They evolved from each other and therefore show similarity. When we incorporate data from a new language into our model, we can get translations from a common language to low-resource languages ​​and make significant improvements.”

The company says the model can be used in Google Translate, YouTube subtitles and other products

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The company adds that it will fund hard-to-access data such as written text and audio recordings required for low-resource languages. It should be added that Google has no direct plans for where it will implement the functionality of this model. The tech giant for now Use in various Google products such as Google Translate, YouTube subtitles waiting. Ghahramani also said that such wide language models are very useful for robots, such as translating codes to commands, solving mathematical problems, and translating from language to language. different tasks Finally, he adds that it can fulfill its purpose, so it has great potential.

A similar project of this kind is another technology giant. from meta had come too. The company, led by Mark Zuckerberg, announced earlier this year that it is working on an artificial intelligence project, described as a ‘universal speech translator’, that can break the speech barrier both online and physically.

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