Google Lens Review that Finds Everything in One Photo: Software Like FBI!

Artificial intelligence continues to make our lives easier day by day. Google Lens, which is one of the applications working with artificial intelligence, with its practical use. It will make our work easier in many places. kind of application. Developed by Google and first used on Google Pixel phones, Google Lens was later included in Google Play and the AppStore and became available on most smartphones. However, it was recently removed from the AppStore. The features of Google Lens, which works with your phone camera and artificial intelligence, are also not counting. Translation, QR code reading, text, shoppinghomework, places, food Scan the clothes of a character you see on TV with the camera in the Google Lens application, where there are options such as where it was sold You can also learn about a place you visit by taking a photo of it.

You can learn the answer to the question ‘How to use Google Lens’ with the details of all these features we have mentioned, from our content, and ask your questions in the comments section. So what can you do with Google Lens?

  • When you go to a place, you can get information by scanning the structures in that place with the camera.
  • You can translate a text in a language you don’t know into the language you want with the camera.
  • You can scan a written text and display it digitally.
  • By scanning any product with your camera, you can access shopping information about that product.

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