Google Photos Users Attention: Millions of People Have ‘Photo Corruption Problem’, So How to Solve The Problem?

While corruption in some photos uploaded to Google Photos in the past frightened users, a way to solve the problem was found – at least for now.

When we look at old, physical photographs, we can see effects such as yellowing, fading, and deterioration in the photograph depending on its location. Such distortions are not expected to occur in digitally stored photographs under normal circumstances. on Google Photos Some of the old photographs appearing in distorted form, as if they had been waiting in a sun-drenched showcase for years, rather than in a digital environment.

As many users have complained, a deterioration in old photos Google Photos grabs the attention of users. This deterioration in old photos is usually in the form of transparent contour lines. Fortunately, the problem has a solution for now.

How to fix corruption problem in Google Photos?

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First of all, the question Between 2002 and 2015 Let’s say that it appears in the photos that have been uploaded. Strange contour lines are not visible on images uploaded after this date range. If you encounter such a problem with your old photos, what you need to do is quite simple.

it seems this deterioration is not permanent and it only appears in edited versions of photos. There are three different alternatives that can be followed in order to access the photos in their pristine state.

Alternative #1:

  • Go to the Google Photos app.
  • Open the photo you want.
  • Select Download original.
  • An intact, clean copy of the image will download.

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Alternative #2

  • Go to the Google Photos app.
  • Open the photo you want.
  • Turn on edit mode.
  • An intact version of the image will appear. Save this version.

Alternative #3

  • Open the Google Takeout app.
  • Go to your Google Photos library from the app.
  • You will find the originals of the images.


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Seems like Googleeven if users don’t edit old images in its own storage system modifies it and creates an edited copy. On the other hand, even if you are not experiencing any problems, backing up your photos and other valuable documents on multiple media will also reduce the risk of permanently losing all your stored items due to such a problem.

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