Google Releases Operating System That Will Bring Old Computers to Life (Including Macs)


ChromeOS Flex, which managed to reach the early access stage five months ago, now has a stable version. The operating system, with version 103, is ready to turn old computers into Chromebooks.

For your computers and laptops that are sitting in the corner of the house and no longer receiving updates, a new hope has appeared: ChromeOS Flex. in December of 2020 CloudReady Deciding to re-release, Google implemented this decision with the release of ChromeOS in February 2022. The stable version of the operating system, ChromeOS Flex, has also been released.

Thanks to this free-to-download operating system, macOS and Windows computers and laptops that no longer receive software updates can be turned into Chromebooks. ChormeOS Flex devices using it will share the same code base and the same features for applications. Background system updates or read-only operating systems will be the same.

Legacy devices meet the common denominator

chromeos flex

both Match as well as windows Among the features that devices will share in common are the Chrome browser, user interface, Android-to-device integration, cloud synchronization and Google Assistant it will include. At the same time, devices with this operating system will have Family Connection, Smart Lock, Instant Wireless Connection Sharing and Share with Nearby features. Still, ChromeOS Flex has no Android apps or Play Store. Again Linux support continues.

ChromeOS Flex online or USB device can be downloaded via So you can run the operating system directly and test it. Google’s operating system works with Intel or AMD x86 processors, but No ARM support.

Will work even on 10 year old devices

chromeos flex

Google says that over 400 devices currently use this operating system and ChromeOS Flex He stated that they expect it to be compatible even with 10-year-old devices. This certification means that audio inputs, display systems, network systems, components such as USB and webcam will work.

Google ChromeOS Flex system requirements:

  • Architecture: Intel or AMD x86-64 bit compatible
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage Space: 16GB
  • Bootability from USB device
  • BIOS: Full administrator access
  • Processor and Graphics: Parts manufactured before 2010 may experience poor performance.

Note: Intel GMA 500, 600, 3600, and 3650 graphics hardware do not meet the performance standards of ChromeOS Flex.


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